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Lian Li announces the PC-J60, the first of a new chassis series

by Mark Tyson on 6 April 2016, 12:01

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Lian Li has announced a mid-tower chassis that is the first in a completely new series, the PC-J60. This chassis facilitates versatile options for air and water cooling with an internal layout design aiming to 'banish loose cables'. Thanks to this aspect of the design, PC systems makers should benefit from improved airflow and a tidier internal design, "without all the hassle," says Lian Li.

Starting by commenting upon the chassis external appearance, the PC-J60 is said to offer minimal black brushed aluminium good looks. The lack of any external 5.25- or 3.5-inch bays helps in its minimalist presence. There are three versions, black with red highlights and a window, black with a window and a black windowless version. The essential easy access I/O on the front sits in a recessed area and consists of 2x USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio ports, headed up by a circular aluminium power button.

Inside the front there are 2x 120mm intake fans protected by dust filters. The perforated and side vented top panel is also removable with 3x 120mm fan mounts integrated, with a magnetic filter supplied, or space for a radiator up to 120 x 360 x 60mm in size. The rear of the PC-J60 features a large exhaust grille, seven expansion slots and cutouts for PSU and motherboard I/O. Finally the bottom panel, raised above your desk on aluminium and rubber bottomed feet, has room for 1x 140mm fan and a magnetic dust filter.

For cable organisation there are a multitude of cable holes with rubber grommets plus built-in cable ties and an aluminium cover sheathing the PSU area to make sure your graphics card and other glamorous components are in the spotlight.

You can fit either an ATX or Micro-ATX motherboard in the Lian Li PC-J60. HHD mount points are available in the modular HDD rack and round the back of the motherboard tray. In total you can fit in a maximum of 3.5-inch HDD x5, and 2.5-inch HDD x1 according to the official spec list.

Maximum compatibility is 410mm for your VGA card length, 210mm for your PSU length, and 160mm for your CPU cooler height. The chassis as a whole measures (W)210mm, (H)507mm, (D)489mm, and weighs 6.48Kg.

In an email to HEXUS today, Lian Li said both the windowed and windowless versions of the PC-J60 will become available in the UK by the end of April priced at £179.90 and £159.90 respectively.

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Don't like the rear fan grill - Blocks too much air / cause noise. Previous LL have been better in that respect.
I like Lian-Li cases and always use them for PC's I build for myself and top-end PC's that I build for others. However, I will not be using any of these because of the lack of external 5.25 and 3.5 drive bays.
Another case without 5.25“, that's a shame. I'll admit the cases do tend to look nicer when they dont require front access like that for the 5.25” but I still think it is too early to be getting rid of those bays. Their lifespan is coming to an end sure, but as of right now I still find myself avoiding cases that lack these bays.

Admittedly I could probably just buy myself one of those external DVD/Bluray drives that connect over USB at this point, as it's not like im using my DVD drive on a daily basis, but I still prefer an internal drive.

That aside, I like the look of the black windowless version, and seems the design is pretty good as far as use of space is concerned, not so much a fan of the red windowed style though.
USA pricing and availability as follows:


PC-J60B $189
PC-J60WRX $210

Availability: 11th April via Newegg
No 140mm fan support at the front or top? Also, a 140mm internal fan that looks awful and pulls warm air DOWN over the drive bays - just how does this air get exhausted by the PSU when the PSU is mounted with it's intake fan down?