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Chieftec showcases the HE01 and HE02. High-end chassis for the HTPC crowd.

by James Smith on 16 June 2007, 10:54

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Computex 2007 Chieftech is branching out into high-end media-center chassis.

This tasty-looking chassis is available in two versions. The HE-01 comes complete with a volume control. The HE-02 is bereft of it. Otherwise, though, both are identical.

The construction is mainly aluminium, a material that Chieftec rarely dabbles with.

You can choose to have it in either black or silver; we prefer the silver. Both models are supplied with iMON VFD display, remote and software.

Chieftech squeezes in room for 3 3.5in hard drives and the HE01/02 also accept a 5.25in drive, too.

Internal cooling is via 2 60mm exhaust fans, located just above the ATX I/O shield, and a single 80mm fan directed to cool the hard drives.

The chassis takes a standard ATX PSU which, unusually, sits inside the chassis on two anti-vibration mounts. Thinking about it, it's able to draw cold air from outside the chassis whilst the warmer exhaust air is vented into a chamber behind the PSU, ducted towards the rear of the chassis.

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This Chassis (w/o volume knob) looks a lot like the 3RSystems MStation HTC-1100, and the interior matches the one with volume knob.
i cant say they do alot for me…and 60mm exhaust fans!!how nosiy will they be!