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Lian Li launches PC-7N 'classic design' mid-tower chassis

by Mark Tyson on 18 February 2016, 10:31

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Lian Li has launched a new mid tower chassis called the PC-7N. This aluminium chassis is designed with a classic Lian Li aesthetic but provides modern internal sensibilities such as tool-less easy building, customisable drive mounts, generous build space and versatile cooling options.

Product highlights of the Lian Li PC-7N are as follows:

  • Customizable modular drive rack
  • Fits ATX or Micro-ATX motherboards
  • Fits four 3.5-inch HDDs or 2.5-inch SSDs
  • Water cooling: up to 140mm x 280mm x 60mm on internal bracket
  • Removable front panel and mesh filter; two 120mm intake fans, one 120mm exhaust fan
  • Chassis dimensions: (W)210mm, (H)473mm, (D)500mm, weighs 5.2Kg
  • Accommodates VGA cards up to 370mm long
  • Accommodates CPU coolers up to 170mm tall
  • Accommodates PSUs up to 270mm long

As mentioned in the intro, the customisable drive mounts are a particularly attractive feature. The PC-7N includes four drive trays fitted with vibration-dampening rubber washers. Each tray can be installed in one of eight slots near the front intake fans. Builders can easily remove, replace, or reposition each drive tray as needed. The drives are secured by a removable aluminium arm secured by thumbscrew.

The tool-less versatility of this chassis extends to the two 5.25-inch bays, the front panel and filters and the adjustable aluminium feet. For further easy, and clean building there is 14mm of space behind the motherboard tray, and 27mm space behind the drive rack for cable management. For easy operability there is a power switch, HD audio ports, and two USB 3.0 ports positioned just above the front panel, the open ports have a closable flip cover, as you can see below.

Versatile modern cooling options are facilitated, including grommets for AIO water cooling systems. Radiators as large as 140mmx280mmx60mm can be installed. As standard there are two 120mm intake fans at the front panel, with another 120mm exhaust fan on the rear panel. You can fit a CPU cooler as tall as 170mm, please refer to the bullet points above for other maximum compatibility measurements.

The PC-7N will be available in silver and black at the end of March for £84.90 in the UK. In the USA it will be available at the end of this month with an MSRP of $99.

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I like the look of this, its got that solid industrial look. And its not full of holes for people who might watercool or perhaps may think about shoving 10 fans into their build (but they never do). Nice solid side panels!

Im not really sold on aluminium though, this case only weighs 5.3kg, wont it be pretty flimsy? I used to have a lian li A05B (I think this was the model) and although it looked the part it was rather flimsy compared to a steel case. Something like this case, made of steel, no plastic or doors etc would be an instant buy from me.
Until recently my PC was housed in another Lian-Li case, also all aluminium. It was not flimsy at all.
A lot of people mistake “heavy” with “quality” and “light” with “flimsy.” Steel cases are often both heavy and flimsy compared to Lian Li's aluminium cases which are usually both light and high quality. My Lian Li case is solid beyond the realms of sensibility, I could probably use it as an axle stand for a small car. My previous cooler-master steel case on the other hand might take objection to a stiff breeze, despite weighing more than double.

I like the look of this, but wish there was a door on the front (I keep meaning to buy a case with a door but every time I try to something else tempts me) and that it was bigger… like obsidian 900d bigger. I can make holes all over the place for radiators myself when I need them.