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Lian Li launches the PC-Q17, a compact ROG-certified chassis

by Mark Tyson on 23 September 2015, 12:06

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Aluminium chassis specialists Lian Li have launched a pair of new chassis for the UK market. Perhaps most notably, as it is a collaborative effort backed by ASUS ROG, the PC-Q17 Gaming Mini-PC chassis has launched today. It will become available in October priced from £160. Simultaneously Lian Li has launched a new chassis with the exact same* dimensions and weight called the PC-Q10WX that will be priced at £110 when it is made available next month.

Lian Li PC-Q17

*The respective press releases (PC-Q17 and PC-Q10WX) say the chassis offer the same dimensions and weight but the product pages list them as being slightly different. I think the official product pages are more likely to be correct.

Lian Li PC-Q10WX

Both products are designed to help PC builders in the quest to 'fit more in less'. With either chassis the maximum compatibility is the same; VGA Card length: 270mm, CPU cooler height: 140mm, PSU length: 150mm. However the approximately 70mm deeper and 400g heavier gaming chassis has a greater capacity and flexibility when it comes to storage, as you can see in the comparison table below. There are also some differences in system fan configuration possibilities and the ROG chassis, as you can see, offers "ROG Certified colours and subtle branding" plus ROG compatibility certification.




Case Type

Mini Tower Chassis

Mini Chassis


(W) 201mm, (H) 276mm, (D) 407mm

(W) 207mm, (H) 277mm, (D) 335mm




Front, Side, Body



Net Weight



5.25" drive bay (External)

1 Slim ODD (Slot-In), or 3.5" HDD x1, or 2.5" HDD x1

1 Slim ODD (Slot-In), or 3.5" HDD x1, or 2.5" HDD x1

3.5" drive bay (External)



HDD bay

3.5" HDD x3, 2.5" HDD x5

3.5" HDD x2 ,or 2.5" HDD x3

Expansion Slot



MB Type



System Fan(Rear)

80mm x2 (Optional)

120mm x1

System Fan(Top)

140mm x1, 120mm x1 (Optional)

120mm x1 (Optional), 140mm x1 (Optional)

System Fan(Base)

120mm x2 (Optional)

120mm x2 (Optional)

I/O Ports

USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio

USB 3.0 x2, HD Audio

PSU Type



Maximum Compatibility

VGA Card length: 270mm, CPU cooler height: 140mm, PSU length: 150mm

VGA Card length: 270mm, CPU cooler height: 140mm, PSU length: 150mm


Lian Li PC-Q17 with liquid cooling radiator installed

As usual Lian Li has produced a walkthrough video showing you the ins and outs of its new chassis. This time it has made a combined video for these two "very similar" chassis, embedded below. It is interesting to see the sizable price difference that users are asked to pay for the spec differences present in the ROG certified PC-Q17. Is this is an example of the 'Gaming tax' on PC products, or a fair premium for the gaming chassis?

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Wow, that liquid cooler looks a bit……ghetto eh!!!
Say what you want about the price, nobody does sexy like Lian Li
I still use my old Akasa Eclipse becuas eit has one thing that no other manufacvuter before or since has included on their chassis, but makes life so much easier - wheels.
I recently made the decision to go to a Lian Li after years of wanting one… and I love it. Its not as quiet or as well laid out as other cases but its looks excellent and was well worth the rather large pricetag.