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Cougar Spike, micro-ATX gaming PC chassis, launched in the UK

by Mark Tyson on 6 February 2015, 11:20


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German PC components manufacturer Cougar has brought its latest micro-ATX mini-tower PC chassis to the UK. The "high-end mini gaming tower PC case," is compatible with the popular smaller micro-ATX motherboards and despite its small size can easily fit graphics cards up to 330mm in length. In contrast to its "high-end" description, as penned by the firm's PR department, the Cougar Spike will retail at a recommended £26.99 or thereabouts.

Looking at the chassis from the front presents users an angular thick outlined edge facia. It looks like chunky black plastic with a similarly chunky honeycomb air-intake dominating the lower front panel. Higher up you have a pair of 5.5-inch bays and a 3.5-inch bay for externally accessible drives or PC I/O accessories. Between the bays and air intake Cougar has situated a USB3.0, a USB2.0, Mic x1, Audio x1 and the power and reset buttons.

Niceties of the Spike, that Cougar particularly wants to point out, include; the use of black paint in the interior of the chassis to provide a sleek overall look, a screwless access design and the USB 3.0 port conveniently located in the front I/O panel.

The key specifications of the Cougar Spike are as follows:

Case Type

Mini Gaming Tower

Motherboard Type

Micro ATX


7.09x14.57x16.73( inch )
180x370x425( mm )

External 5.25" Drive Bays


External 3.5" Drive Bay


Internal 3.5" Drive Bays


Internal 2.5" Drive Bay

1 (at bottom cover)

I/O Panel

USB3.0 x1 & USB2.0 x1, Mic x1, Audio x1

Cooling System

Front 80/90/120mm Fan x1pcs (optional)
Rear 80/120mm Fan x1pcs (optional)
Left Side 120mm Fans x2pcs (optional)

COUGAR 120mm Fan (rear)

1 (pre-install)

Expansion Slots


Maximum Graphics Card Length


Power Supply

Standard ATX PS2 (optional)


As you can see from the above you get one fan pre-installed and as long as you don't have too many drives or expansion cards beyond the common or garden graphics/sound add-ins you should be OK with this chassis for a basic PC build.

The Cougar Spike has been available in other countries for quite some time and it seems to have gained plenty of favourable reviews. For instance both Legit Reviews and Hardware Heaven have reviewed this chassis and bestowed it with their 'Value' Awards. The Spike is said to cover all the PC chassis necessities in a minimalist kind of way, with no glaring errors in construction or layout. That might be just what you are looking for at the kind of price it is available for.

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Why do we need 5.25" Drive Bays in this day and age!
Why do we need 5.25" Drive Bays in this day and age!

They are the only thing I can fit my 5.25" drives in ;)
Why do we need 5.25" Drive Bays in this day and age!

I need a minimum of 4 in my case, to fit.. 5.25" drives.
Why do we need 5.25" Drive Bays in this day and age!

Water cooling reservoirs, for one. You need a couple of bays for those and the internal cylinders don't always suit.

- Fan controllers
- DVD/Blu-Ray players*
- Hot-swap drive bays
- Media controllers
- Multi-Function panels
- HDD/SSD adapters
- Fan cooling units

I also happen to find them bloody useful for easy-installing some of my own mods, to the point where I'd really like a few more (I only have 4).

*I have spent many thousands of pounds on DVDs and I am not about to start getting them on other media just because times move on.
What is the idea of a single USB3 on the front? Micro ATX boards are not exactly flush with USB headers, so it seems a pity to only half use two of them.