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Red Harbinger 'Cross Desk' PC case shipping from 15th Nov

by Mark Tyson on 26 August 2013, 11:15

Tags: Cooler Master, PC

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If you were a fan of the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition entry by 'L3p D3sk' (AKA Peter Brands) then you might be pleased to know that a commercial product based upon this design is accepting pre-orders now. Pre-order customers can order their PC-desk-case 'Cross Desk' for $1,699 from Red Harbinger and it will be delivered on 15th November. After the pre-order stage has completed the 'Cross Desk' will revert to a normal price of $1,999.

An article about the new commercially available case on TechnoBuffalo informs us that the Red Harbinger company was set up with the sole aim of commercialising the 'L3p D3sk'. The designer, Peter Brands is Director of design at the company.

You can see from the pictures what this new 'Cross Desk' offers in terms of visual appeal but it also offers a lot of PC building potential under its tempered scratch-resistant glass top. Red Harbinger describe the 'Cross Desk' as "the most ultimate and all-encompassing PC case ever created". In addition to the display area, where you can install your most visually pleasing components, there is a covered back compartment for the ugly bits and bobs. False bottoms in the case also allow you to hide cabling and optimise air flow.

Cooling is amply catered for with "the ability to hold 2 x 360mm radiators, one on each side of the desk, as well as 2 x 480mm radiators located in the back compartment.  There are 14 x 120mm fan mounting locations as well as 4 additional mounts for targeted HDD cooling." The steel and aluminium construction of the desk should also mean that it will look great for years to come.



Steel and Aluminium, Powder Coated

PSU Mount:

1 standard

Max PSU Mounts:


Motherboard Compatibility:


Standard Expansion Slots:

8, 10†

Maximum Expansion Slots:

8+8*, 10†+8*

5.25” Drive Bays:

 4 (2×2)

3.5” Drive Locations:

8 (left side) + 12 (right side)

2.5” Drive Locations:

 6 (right side) + 12 (center, hidden)

Glass Type:

Scratch Resistant, Tempered with Frosted Border, 10mm

Front Ports:

USB 3.0 x 2, Audio, Mic, 22mm Power and Switch x 2

Max Front Ports:

USB 3.0 x 4, Audio x 2, Mic x 2, 22mm Power and Switch x 4*

Cooling Fan Locations:

120mm x 3 (left), 120mm x 3 (right), 120mm x 8 (back)

Radiator capacity:

2 x 480 mm rad (back), 1 x 360 (right), 1 x 360 (left)

Physical Dimensions (L x W x H):

59.1” x 28.6” x 30.1” (1502mm x 726mm x 765mm)

Package Dimensions (LxWxH):

65″x 33.5″ x 25″ (1650 mm x 850 mm x 635 mm)


US, Australian, Canadian and European PC enthusiasts can pre-order the Cross Desk now. Read more about the Cross Desk and see many more pictures on the Red Harbinger website.

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Right, I need a new house so I can have a dedicated computer room. This looks very, very cool :)
Very cool, and its nice to see it as a product for general sale. Hopefully other cases will get the same treatment. ( the bit fenix prodigy mirror case mod would sell i think)
Ufff I would love to have desk like that, but as mentioned by Robbubba I would need a new house :P at the moment all i can fit in to my room is like keyboard long desk :P.
Looks like a Scan Swordfish rip off.
Just measured up and it would fit in place of my current computer desk, one problem… wife says no!