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XFX sets sights on chassis market with AiX prototype

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 March 2013, 14:35

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XFX is known for producing a wide range of AMD-based graphics cards. In recent times it has branched out into power supplies and gaming accessories. At CeBIT 2013, however, XFX has been showing off a prototype of a premium chassis that it hopes to bring to market in the next three months.

Dubbed the AiX and looking to woo enthusiasts who want a 'premium chassis with no corners cut' the AiX uses 3mm-thick aluminium that envelops a steel frame.

Styling is sharp, the prototype feels and looks decent, and XFX carries over the design theme present on many of its latest graphics cards.

The top section is home to the IO ports, and the chunky aluminium contrasts nicely against the black frame of the chassis.

Standing at 561mm-high the mid-tower chassis' internals have not been finalised yet. What we do know is that there's room for a 200mm fan in the front, 120/140mm fan in the rear and bottom. The eight hard-drive caddies can be rotated and removed (to install said 200mm fan) and there seem to be plenty of cable-routing holes, but they're a little small for our liking. We also think the AiX could do with a fan-controller as standard.


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Here's XFX's Cy Brown giving us a video run-through of the chassis' features and design.

Pricing is unknown - we don't expect it to be cheap - and XFX is still tinkering with the finer details. We expect to see a mass-production model at the Computex trade show in early June.

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Oh dear god pass me the Kleenex, I appear to have made quite a mess. But seriously, that is a nice case. Even though I just won an Antec P280 White Window from Hexus (Thank you!) I think it's already been replaced lol.
Looks swish.
Personally I'm not sold on the front IO ports; the beautiful clean lines of the solid aly interrupted by a couple of dome headed bolts ..nah, think it'd be better tucked under the arch on the front. Not to mention you could then have internal top fans nearly the full length
Hope those ‘final details’ include the little things like dust screens and rubber supports for those noisy components.
Years ago I vowed never to buy any XFX kit again and this is not likely to make me change my mind.
Years ago I vowed never to buy any XFX kit again and this is not likely to make me change my mind.

I like the aesthetic, and looks like it'll arrive in time for my next build. Fully open wraparound would probably be horrible for acoustics though.