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Thermaltake Level 10: revolutionising the chassis?

by Parm Mann on 3 March 2009, 22:23

Tags: Level 10, Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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There's no shortage of chassis at this year's CeBIT trade show, but Thermaltake's celebrating its 10th anniversary with this revolutionary offering:

It's called "Level 10", and it's simply dazzling. Taking the compartmentalised approach to the next level, the unusual chassis houses the majority of components in their own little space - envisioned by the six hard-disk-holding bumps.

We've no idea if it's actually any good in terms of functionality, but we love a bit of innovation and Thermaltake's engineers claim to have built this one from the ground up. Allowing access to all the internal components is an access panel over at the back, but, sadly, it's too soon to take a look inside.

As far as first impressions are concerned, it's damn cool, and it won't be long until we get all the details as Thermaltake will be fully detailing the Level 10 at COMPUTEX in June. We'll be on hand to get all the details, this is easily the most interesting chassis we've seen all year.

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Just from that pic i would suggest its good at cooling hardware, own seperate place and you could add a fan to each bay so they all get a nice flow of air(need to see other side to confirm though). New design so thumbs up so far.
Originality: Win
Looks: FAIL.
Nice idea but looks like it's going to be totally useless for putting anything in a 3.5" bay except a hard drive?

Cooling should be good for some components but not others, the PSU looks ok assuming it's got a hole in the bottom for the usual two fan arrangement. The mainboard area looks a bit cramped, and unless it's pretty long you're going to be screwed without the extra leeway for graphics cards.

I assume the red square thing is removable so you can pop a fan in?
Very unusual, undecided if i actually like it but its always nice to see something original