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Fractal Design intros colourful and elegant Era ITX cases

by Mark Tyson on 19 March 2020, 14:11

Tags: Fractal Design, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Fractal Design has just introduced a next generation mini ITX PC case called the Era ITX. From the name you will immediately know this has been built to fit Mini ITX motherboards, and that is the only supported option in this small form factor case. Checking out the imagery and video you will likely appreciate the rather elegant simplicity of these cases. You are presented with a colourful choice but in isolation each option is simple and non-fussy, using at most a combination of two colours; one for the aluminium sides and one for the top.

Intel worked closely with Fractal Design on the Era ITX case design, reveals a blog post about the new line of products. Intel's precise role isn't divulged but it appears to have had a hand in making sure that the Era ITX is a capable platform for its most powerful desktop processors, as well as dual-slot GPUs. In summary the Fractal Design Era ITX is claimed to be a "compact chassis free from the excessive restrictions traditionally associated with small form factor systems."

How do these claims relate to the specs? First of all it is worth listing the overall product dimensions, before looking at component restrictions and any design adaptations the partners created to realise this product. The Era ITX is a 16 litre case, it measures 325 x 166 x 310 mm including all protrusions (like feet, screws etc), and weighs in at around 4kg.

As mentioned previously, you need to equip a Mini ITX motherboard of your choice. Power supply options aren't so restricted as, depending upon your storage choices you can configure a 200mm ATX PSU - but please check the specs table for the full options you will have to consider.

Click to zoom specs table

Maximum compatibility is pretty good. You can fit a CPU cooler up to 120mm tall (but 70mm is the recommended maximum if you install the side-mounted 3.5-inch HDD option). The maximum length of the GPU you install will be 295mm (but reduce that to 210/190mm with the low-mounted SFX/ATX PSU option). Other limits on the vital statistics of your GPU are a width of 125mm and a thickness of 47mm.

I've mentioned the CPU cooler max compatibility above but there are some other cooling options catered for. A top radiator of 120/240 mm or 2 x 120 mm can be installed for a LCS but this will have to be a max 125 mm width, 67 mm thickness w/ fans (dependent on PSU position/type). All the parentheses used in these product spec descriptions are simply due to the flexibility of the Era ITX design. On the topic of cooling, the Era ITX also/alternatively has room for 2x 120mm fans in the top, 1x80mm fan in the rear (the pre-installed Fractal Design SSR3 fan), and 2x 140mm fans in the bottom (if you use a single slot GPU). Washable nylon dust filters are fitted on the side and bottom air intakes and to the top exhaust.

On the front lower left of the case is an array of buttons and ports as follows; 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, and a 3.5mm CTIA combined audio/mic. The Fractal Design Era ITX is available in five colour combos; Silver - White Oak, Titanium Gray - Walnut, Carbon - Titanium Grey, Gold- Titanium Grey, and Cobalt - Titanium Grey. The solid top panels are swappable for the (included) steel mesh alternatives, as the user prefers/requires. Fractal Design says the Era ITX is available now via the usual channels, and it costs about £145/$160.

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Nice joke Ā£145 including 1 80mm fan, rubbish good for someone who like integrated GPU
Looks like it's going to get bonkers hot
Kinda looks like a waste bin or an extra deep vase. lol. I watched a build vid on Jay2cents and yeah , temps would worry me too if I did a build with discrete GPU.