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Phanteks Eclipse P600s Silent high-airflow case debuts at CES

by Mark Tyson on 11 January 2019, 12:11

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Chassis and cooling specialist Phanteks is at CES and has kept its new products relatively focussed. HEXUS stopped by its Las Vegas suite and was treated to a preview of the firm's first 2019 chassis designs. Roughly speaking the new PC cases are based around just two foundation designs but are being marketed with some meaningful variations.


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Tenzin Rongen from Phanteks

Starting at the higher end of the market, Phantek's Tenzin Rongen steered us to the new Phanteks Eclipse P600s. Unfortunately there isn't an official product page for this chassis right now - as this is a sneak peek. However, in a nutshell one could say that the P600s is built upon the Evolv X chassis (which debuted only last summer) and which has been given the silent treatment.

Rongen explained to us that the new Phanteks Eclipse P600s features sound dampening panels for silent running. This is a hybrid design though and can double up as a high-airflow case with top/front panels simply removed, and providing a new look. Interestingly, the metal mesh exposed by the front panel removal is said to be "much more breathable than traditional metal mesh".

This mid-tower chassis features E-ATX support plus the capacity for up to 10HDDs, and with Evolv X accessories is capable of a vertical GPU option, and a dual-system option.

The Phanteks Eclipse P600s will be available from 23rd Jan in 4 versions. There are three colours (black, grey and white) plus a windowless black version.

Phanteks was also showing off the new MetallicGear Neo range of mid-tower chassis at its CES suite. These can support up to E-ATX motherboards, and there are 3 models varying in a few outer construction aspects.

  • Phanteks Neo G: features tempered glass in the front, as well as the usual side panel, and digitmal RGB lighting controls built-in. ($69)
  • Phanteks Neo Air: has a full mesh front panel with integrated RGB cooling fans behind the mesh. ($59)
  • Phanteks Neo Silent: with a closed front and sound dampening panels. ($49)


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I like the white one, and thankfully it has a front grill. but I am honestly never going to buy a full size atx case ever again. It's mini or smaller from now on for me. wish they had a mini white version
Am I the onylperson in the world now who still uses Blu-Ray/DVD drive in their main PC??? Most case that are suitable for watercooling seem to dumping the required space for a 5.25 drive and it's deeply annoying.
I use and external one if I need to use one at all. All the cases I liked none had a 5.25" slot.
Still can't stand white myself. But good to hear people do as it adds variety. Just reminds me of the old pcs with 3.1 and the horror show that was Windows back in the day. Oh hang on hasn't changed lol