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Cooler Master's seriously hip VW PC case

by David Ross on 11 January 2008, 11:17

Tags: Cooler Master

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This one's for the mamas and the papas out there

HEXUS CES 2008 coverage

Trade shows such as CES are a great opportunity to show off "coolness". Coolness in the tech industry is what I call a device that makes people go "oh cool!" but then fails to attract buyers.

This type of coolness is most probably applicable to the Volkswagen Minibus PC spotted at Cooler Master's CES booth. Pictured below, this little beauty probably won't fit into the aesthetic tastes of most users' rooms, but we can all get together to say a collective "oh cool!".

Volkswagen Minibus PC

The rather dashing case is based upon Cooler Master's CSX series, which happens to receive paint jobs from the clearly talented folk at Smooth Creations. There are of course other designs too, but none quite as cool as this one. Time to dig out that Beach Boys CD.

Source: Unplggd.com

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Sorry, but the URL you followed to get to this item is invalid.
same when you follow the link from the front page
Fixed, thanks for the heads up :)
“Oh cool” :)


not a huge fan of custom paint job cases, but that is cool :)