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CTS 2005: Thermaltake show off their shiny bits

by Nick Haywood on 15 April 2005, 00:00

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Thermaltake show off their shiny bits

Thermaltake show off their shiny bits

Thermaltake looked like they’d brought their entire product catalogue to CTS 2005 with a mind boggling array of fans, cases, heatsinks, passive cooling and water cooling bits and bobs on display.

Quite a lot of their kit is obviously aimed at the enthusiast who likes to show off what’s inside his or her case as much as the case itself and Thermaltake are catering for both with their range.

President and CEO, Kenny Lin (pictured right with Jerry Lee, Marketing Assistant Manager)was happy to open up one of their systems to get a better look at one of Thermaltake’s cooling solutiuons for BTX mainboards, though, if truth be told, the black ducting needed some work to jazz it up. It was looking quite plain next to all the other spangly gizmos on display.

Of note was Thermaltake’s TrueLight memory heat spreader which you can see running in the BTX mainboard and in closer detail above. The photos don’t really show it up that well, but the bright spot on the memory sticks isn’t flash reflection from my camera but the cool bloo LED from the TrueLight spreader itself.

The display has eight different settings and is controlled from a dial mounted in a space PCI slot on the back of your machine. With a chrome finish I thought they looked kind of funky in a flashy bloo LED way….

Thermaltake is more than just cooling bits and they had some impressive cases on offer too. The Eclipse looks like your standard split front panel case, but you’d be wrong.

As the photo shows, the arm swings out and under that is an actual CD clipped to the front. What’s the point of that? Well, nothing really, but it’s a another nice gimmick. However, we have been told of the plans Thermaltake have for the Eclipse but we won’t be seeing action on that front until June, so we’ll update you as to what’s going on then.