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Lian Li PC-O12 compact mid tower chassis becomes available

by Mark Tyson on 19 May 2017, 12:01

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Lian Li has written to HEXUS with the news that it has made another O-series chassis available. The Lian Li PC-O12 melds steel and aluminium construction with front and side tempered glass panels in a compact mid tower chassis design. This chassis is described as compact, yet within its (W)203mm x(H)508mm x(D)550mm dimensions you can fit up to an E-ATX motherboard, plus plenty of storage devices and cooling equipment alongside your GPU(s) and other expansion cards.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Lian Li PC-O12 dual compartment design is its potential to showcase twin vertically mounted graphics cards. You'll have to imagine that glorious sparkling RGB sight, as Lian Li has only supplied empty chassis pictures and no videos this time around. Lian Li says vertical mounted graphics cards offer a cooling performance benefit in this chassis. In all you can fit 4x 340mm graphics cards in the PC-O12 chassis. As standard you will get 1x 440mm PCI-E 16X riser cable in the retail box.

In other key specifications of the PC-O12 we learn that it has capacity for four 3.5-inch HDDs, and four 2.5-inch HDDs. There are optional system fans as follows; 120mm fan x3 (Top) / 140mm fan x2 or 120mm fan x2 (Front). Removable mesh filters cover all the primary fan mounts. Maximum CPU cooler height is 75mm. You can fit a standard ATX PSU up to 230mm long in the lower compartment. Easy access top panel I/O section consists of USB3.0 x2 / USB3.1 (Type-C) x1 / HDMI x1 / HD Audio - plus the power/reset button (see below). Drive cages and PSU mounts include rubber vibration dampers.

The Lian Li PC -O12 is priced at £379.90 in the UK, and available from the end of May. In the US it is said to be available immediately, via Newegg, at $399.99. Additional PCI-E riser cables will be available shortly.

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£380 for a case?!
Yes, maybe £380 for a gpu but not a case lol
What's with that tempered glass nonsense. Lian Li used to be my goto case maker, but they seem to have lost the plot completely.
sticker shock £380 seems the smaller the case more u need to pay looking at s4 mini or sentry but the price!
£380 for some glass and paper thin aluminium, amazed lîan are still in business these days with competitors offering better products significantly cheaper.