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Lian Li announces the Asus ROG-Certified PC-O11WGX case

by Mark Tyson on 12 May 2017, 13:01

Tags: Lian Li, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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Lian Li has launched a hefty new chassis with Asus ROG accreditation. The new Lian Li PC-O11WGX is based upon the 'king of tempered glass', the dual compartment O-Series PC-O11 - but includes Asus ROG inspired Mayan etchings and improvements to various aspects of the chassis design inspired by user comments.

Before we consider the Lian Li PC-O11WGX in terms of improvements compared to the old model, it's worth heading straight to the tech specs, for a bullet point overview of what we have here.

  • Model: PC-O11 WGX
  • Case Type: Mid Tower Chassis
  • Dimensions: (W)277mm x(H)506mm x(D)457mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Front Panel: Tempered Glass
  • Side Panel: Tempered Glass
  • Body Material: inside steel,outside aluminum
  • Net Weight: 10.6kg
  • 5.25" drive bay (External): None
  • 3.5" drive bay (External): None
  • HDD bay: 3.5" HDD x4 / 2.5" HDD x4
  • Expansion Slot: 8
  • M/B Type: E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Micro ITX
  • System Fan: Optional
  • 120mm fan x2 / 120mm fan x3 (Top) / 80mm fan x2 (Rear) / 120mm fan x3 (Bottom)
  • I/O Ports: USB3.0 x2 / USB3.1 Type-C / HD Audio
  • PCI-E Riser: PW-PCI-E30-1
  • Maximum Compatibility: VGA Card length: 430mm / PSU length: 430mm / CPU cooler height:150mm
  • PSU Type: ATX PSU (Optional)

So what's new? The additions and improvements are much more useful than what you might have expected (Mayan etchings and RGB lighting anyone?). The first improvement evident from looking at the chassis is the USB 3.1 Type-C connector on the front panel - below the USB 3.0 ports and HD audio I/O. Indeed we do get Mayan Etchings and a small ROG certified logo but any impulses to add built-in RGB chassis lighting have been ignored. There's plenty of lighting frills to be had from components, if one so desires.

Not so obvious, but probably of greater importance are the internal changes. Firstly, Lian Li has improved liquid cooling options with space for three 360mm radiators (or groups of three 120mm fans). It adds that "there is enough (cooling) capacity for any thermal challenge inside the PC-O11WGX".

Secondly, buyers of the PC-O11WGX chassis will have the choice of mounting their graphics cards horizontally or vertically thanks to the included PCI-E riser cable in the box (basically a bundled Lian Li O11-1 accessory kit).

The PC-O11WGX will be available mid-May in North America for an MSRP of US$319; in the UK it's scheduled for release in late May with an MSRP of £279.90.

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God I do love their cases, I really want one of these, without all the death-glow
USB C is nice. Shame about no RGB, if you're doing the ROG thing then all the other kit will have the RGB stuff so an integrated RGB system that can talk to the other asus RGB stuff would be nice (the normal case would still be available for those who don't want the extra lights, of course)
Had lian-LI cases in the past and loved them but although I get the upflow idea of the fan slots (heat rises as we all know) it's not the greatest looking case, mayeba better build photo could change my mind but it looks like an early mod from teh 90's to me.
I like the design, but I dislike no 5 1/4 external bay, which renders it useless to me. :(