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SAPPHIRE ZC400 PCoIP® ZERO CLIENT now fully certified for VMware solutions

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SAPPHIRE Technology now brings VMware Ready Certification for VMware solutions to its remote workstation product, the SAPPHIRE ZC400 PCoIP® Zero Client, developed to deliver unprecedented remote workstation experience for professionals in CAD, M&E and a variety of vertical markets.

SAPPHIRE has worked closely with VMware to ensure that the SAPPHIRE ZC400 PCoIP Zero Client has been tested and certified for VMware solutions. This means that the ZC400 will successfully overcome the most common challenges professionals will meet in the different vertical industries as well as for different use cases and deployment scenarios. VMware Horizon View incorporates PCoIP technology as the remote desktop protocol for virtual desktops, providing a significantly better user experience than is provided with other remoting protocols. 

Combining elegant design with powerful remote performance and providing professionals with unlimited creativity, the SAPPHIRE ZC400 delivers superior efficiency in design workflow. The ZC400 is equipped with 4 output connectors, dual DisplayPort plus dual DVI allowing up to four monitors to be connected simultaneously. Additional DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters are bundled with the device to provide support for standard quad DVI displays. The total peak power usage for ZC400 is less than 35W maximum providing a huge power saving compared with a standalone workstation.

The SAPPHIRE ZC400 can be connected to the remote server by Ethernet or over the Internet, allowing remote working from any location. This potentially allows designers to work from home or for workflows to be shared globally by people logging in from different time zones. Because the application is running on the server and the exchange of information with the client is pixel data and control information only, the response time is very fast, resulting in low latency and a truly interactive experience for the user as if he were working on a local workstation. In addition, the data remains on the server providing an additional level of security for the enterprise.

The SAPPHIRE ZC400 is easy to install. It requires no operating system or applications software to install or upgrade – and because the information exchange with the server is encrypted, and no data is held on the device, no anti-virus protection is needed. Together with its low power requirements these factors contribute to a very low operating cost.

From IT management angle, virtualization has the benefits of cost efficiency, data security, power saving and ease of management. SAPPHIRE can deliver Server/Client Solutions with the AMD FirePro R5000, S-Series, Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, and together with the SAPPHIRE ZC400 Zero Client, which meet the basic and advanced needs of enterprise companies looking for Cloud and Remote Workstation Solutions. 

SAPPHIRE ZC400 PCoIP Zero Client

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