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Tags: Quiet PC

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New Products:

  • iMON Home Theatre System - £79.00 – Multi-media, visual florescent display and remote control bundle kit

  • Scythe Silent Box Heatlane HDD Enclosure - £35.00 – Eliminate hard drive noise

  • Scythe Kamaboko Z P4/AMD Heatpipe CPU Cooler - £29.00 – Copper and Aluminum heatsinks and heatpipes in one CPU cooler!

  • Scythe Samurai RevB P4/AMD CPU Cooler - £24.00

  • Zalman VF700 – Mini Flower Graphics Card Cooler – from £20.00

iMON Home Theatre System

The new iMON VFD brings you everything the iMON inside is capable of and lots more! The visual florescent display shows system info such as what MP3 track is playing, world news/weather and can even tell you if you have new email.

Coming in either silver or black brushed aluminium with volume control the iMON VFD is easy to install and configure – allowing you to turn your PC into a Home Theatre System in no time at all!

Scythe Silent Box Heatlane HDD Enclosure

New from Scythe is their answer to hard drive silencing, the “Silent Box”. Not only does this product virtually eliminate all the noise generated by the hard drive but also drastically reduces vibration.

The whole hard drive is covered in Nitrile Butadiene Rubber and there is an inner layer of Styrene Butadiene Rubber – all that rubber makes the “Silent Box” a very effective anti-vibration product.

Scythe Kamaboko Z P4/AMD Heatpipe CPU Cooler

Scythe’s Kamaboko Z CPU cooler incorporates their largest fan to date, heatpipes and materials such as copper and aluminum – making a very efficient CPU cooler! Unlike most CPU coolers that use a 2-ball bearing fan this uses Hydro Bearings – not only do these last longer but they are also much quieter.

A 92mm fan blows down directly onto a wave-stacked copper heatsink which is attached to the base of the heatsink using heatpipes. Directly under the copper heatsink lies a very large aluminium heatsink, with the heatpipes sandwiched between the aluminium heatsink and the copper base.

The Kamaboko Z is supplied with a versatile fan controller that fits into a spare PCI slot. The controller can change the speed of the 92mm fan from 1000 RPM to 3200 RPM.

Scythe Samurai RevB P4/AMD CPU Cooler

Following the success of the Kamakaze, Scythe has developed the Samurai – another great quality CPU cooler. Very versatile it is compatible with Pentium 4, Athlon XP and Athlon 64. The cooler is supplied with a variable fan speed controller which slots into an unused PCI slot at the back of the PC – allowing easy fan speed change according to desired noise/CPU temperature balance.

With a pure copper heatsink and wave stacked pins these features as well as the 80mm fan make the Samurai an excellent choice of cooler.

Zalman VF700

With a new generation of graphics cards that require more and more power, therefore generating more and more heat, Zalman have released a brand new quiet graphics card cooler – the VF700.

The VF700-CU and VF700-ALCU coolers are designed to give excellent cooling to all VGA cards, yet remain almost completely impossible to hear.