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MSI showcases the all-new WindTop AE series

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MSI (Micro-Star International), the world’s leading All-in-One PC brands, has just showcased the all new Wind Top AE series, equipped with the latest Intel® CoreTM Processor and hi-speed USB 3.0 transmission, at the 2011 U.S. Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Also on display at the exhibition were the business and office oriented Wind Top AP series, along with the Wind Top AC series, which is designed specifically with the general consumer in mind. Following the launch of the world's first 3D All-in-One PC, MSI will feature more comprehensive 3D applications in All-in-One PCs, bringing the 3D to the next level.

Evolving Efficiency, Vivid Graphics
Featured in the All-in-One PC on CES, the all-new Wind Top AE series comes with the all-new Intel® Sandy Bridge and AMD® Brazos, both state-of-the-art platforms developed by the two largest CPU manufacturers, which allow for exceptional processing and visual performance in the Wind Top AE2410, AE2210, and AE2050 models.

Enhanced by Intel® Clear Video HD technology and equiped with the next-gen Intel® CoreTM Processor, MSI's Wind Top AE2410 and Wind Top AE2210 offer high quality HD performance, allowing you to view even the smallest image detail while presenting the colors in their most natural hue. This phenomenal image processing technology allows users to watch HD quality videos without the need for a dedicated graphics card.

The Wind Top AE2050 is equipped with the latest AMD Brazos platform that offers uncompromising video performance. Wind Top AE2050 adopts the AMD E-350 dual core processor and has AMD RadeonTM HD 6310 discrete graphics that supports DX11.

Fast USB3.0 file transfers
All new AE models are equipped with two high-speed USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 provides a transfer rate of 5Gbps and is approximately ten times faster compared to USB 2.0. It is the fastest interface available on the market today. The new USB 3.0 interface allows users to enjoy faster data transfer of high-definition data making our daily life more efficient and more convenient. In addition, MSI has employed the Super Charger technology to allow devices not only to recharge with one of the USB 3.0 ports but also be able to do so even when the computer is shut down, not to mention a 40% saving in recharge time. Busy users no longer need to worry about turning on the computer to recharge their devices.

New All-in-One capabilities
The all-new Wind Top AE series comes equipped with the built-in professional graphics software package ArtRage Studio Pro. Used in conjunction with MSI’s sensitive multi-touch capabilities, users can draw directly on the touch screen to simulate that of an artist working with watercolour or oil. Everyone can be a Picasso!

In addition, the Wind Top AE Series also comes with the built-in piano software, MusicMaker, which provides a simple piano keyboard to let users create their own composition on the screen. Users can use it to play piano, compose and record, easily becoming the next Beethoven.

The built-in YouCam 4.0 can also display a variety of interesting video effects via touch screen operations. Users can also experience diverse video capabilities by integrating it with MSN and Skype as well as uploading videos to social networking community websites such as YouTube and Facebook and easily sharing them with friends at the touch of the screen.

New 3D applications on 3D All-in-One
More comprehensive 3D applications in All-in-One PCs will be introduced at the CES. In addition to viewing 3D blu-ray and playing 3D games, MSI has further extended 3D applications, such as: direct display of 3D photos and 3D live video. One only needs to put on a pair of 3D glasses to be able to see his or her own 3D images.

For Business and Home
The latest business All-in-One PC models introduced by MSI at CES: Wind Top AP series. Equipped with various interfaces and devices, Wind Top AP2000 is specifically designed for the office environment and is ideal for business operations and multi-tasking. Two COM ports are also included for storefront applications so that businesses that require Point of Sale system applications, such as restaurants, reception lobbys. 24-hour convenience stores and gas stations, can connect the computer with barcode readers, credit card readers and bill printers as well as other office operations. The Wind Top AC series possesses the ideal features of an All-in-One PC: high performance, low power consumption, ultra-quiet operation, user-friendly interface and comprehensive I/O interfaces for effortless wireless Internet access, providing the optimal level of convenience and space saving environment.