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Giada N20, More Powerful Visual Experience!

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Fashion mini PC, Giada N20, the latest product of SHENZHEN JIEHE TECHNOLLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. , has come to the market recently. Compared with the previous series of Giada mini PCs, there is a great break though in aspect of design and performance.

Fashion Design and I/O Support
Compared with the previous Giada N-series, Giada N20 is designed with more rounded corner design elements, which makes it more fashionable. Meanwhile, the size of Giada N20 is just as a mobile driver. And with it, your table can save the space as much as possible.

By measure we can get that the thickness of Giada N20 is just 23.24mm. It is so slim that can be compared favorably with other mini PCs on the market.

Meanwhile, it provides two USB2.0 interfaces, a USB2.0/E-SATA combo interfaces, a four-in-one interface for reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO), one HDMI, one VGA and one SPDIF-out interface. What’s more, N20 is equipped with Gigabit LAN Cards and supports Bluetooth function as well.

Power Saving and Super Mute
Because of low power consumption accessories, the consumption performance of Giada N20 is very excellent.

1080P HD and Gaming Center
Giada N20 is powered by Intel ®Atom™ Processor D525, and next generation NVIDIA®ION™ graphic solution. With next generation NVIDIA®ION™ graphics technology which is well-known of its outstanding graphics performance, Giada N20 enables you to immerse in a qualified game and 1080P HD movie phenomenon. Linking to the TV to play 1080P HD movie is one of the important uses of a full function PC. When Giada N20 is playing 1080P HD movie, the CPU occupancy rate is just between 30% and 40%.

Giada N20 is designed with the best gaming PC concept in mind, offering a stable, full-speed, wider coverage platform or delivering stunning entertainments. With modern design, mini size, silent operation, low-power Intel ®Atom™ Processor D525 CPU(the performance is 20% improved compared with Intel ®Atom™ 330 ), and next generation NVIDIA®ION™ graphics solution (the 3D performance is twice of NVIDIA®ION™ ), supporting DirectX10.1, full HD 1080P playback, and 3D Blu-ray, you can enjoy a more visual experience.


Giada N20


Intel® Atom™ Processor D525


Next generation NVIDIA® ION™


2GB (Max. 4GB) DDRⅡ 667MHz


320G(Max. 750G)SATA2 2.5" HDD


2×USB2.0,1×e-SATA/USB2.0 Combo,1×Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO),1×HDMI,1×VGA,1×SPDIF-out


Gigabit LAN +WiFi 802.11n+Bluetooth



Power consumption







Giada, as the whole world high-end brand of JEHE, emphasizes to combine the application of fashion and technology by vivid design. GIADA will focus on value-added services to customers and integrated solutions. Apart from the current two marketing advantages, high-definition playing and 3D game, GIADA has already expanded its services to HD digital ground reception solution, creating a multifunctional entertainment center through digital media. As for commercial applications, GIADA offers office solutions with the highest cost-performance ratio through optimized product structure.

----About JEHE
SHENZHEN JIEHE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. (JEHE for short) is the first AIC partner of NVIDIA. It created its own brand GIADA in 2009 and Launched fashion mini PCs based on NVIDIA®ION™ graphics solution. In 2010, JEHE became to the partner of Microsoft. Besides the mini PCs, JEHE also has the product of motherboards, graphic cards and All-in-One PCs. JEHE emphasizes the concept of “Tech, Fashion, Art”, expecting through the powerful application to create the concept of digital entertainment center.