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New Premium Gaming PC Range, Reign, by Novatech

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Novatech Ltd, specialist providers of high-end Gaming PCs, Workstations and Servers, has announced the launch of its latest gaming range, Reign - a premium gaming solution built for purpose and to deliver quality performance. 

The concept behind Reign is to help take the guesswork out of buying a great gaming PC. They are built using the latest high-quality 'gaming grade' components from the worlds most trusted brands, guaranteeing smooth and responsive gameplay, whether you're gaming at 1080, 1440 or 4k. Which Novatech have backed up with real gameplay footage and benchmarks.

In a recent review by Custom PC, the Novatech Reign Sentry MKI scored 81%, receiving particularly positive feedback on memory and storage as well as overall gaming performance. 

“Where the Novatech has the upper hand is with its fully solid state storage system, incorporating a 250GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD NVMe SSD and a 1TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD. Comparatively, the PC Specialist has a 512GB Intel SSD for a boot drive, and a 2TB mechanical hard drive for extra storage. The Novatech also has 16GB of DDR4 memory running at a decent speed of 3200MHz, outpacing most rivals.”

Vortez.net were similarly impressed by the Reign Viper MKII, which resulted in a 'Vortez Premum' award. 

"The chassis looks great, the whole system performs remarkably well in all of our tests with very playable framerates at 1080p and 1440p with even 4K gaming permitted thanks to the power of the RTX 2070."

Reign PCs have been designed and built following extensive research and feedback provided by Novatech’s existing gaming customer base. 

“It was important for us to design and build a new range of PCs that gave our customers exactly what they need. The research provided a clear direction for us and the incentive to offer a range of gaming PCs that provided an excellent gaming experience.” Commented Paul Hobbs, Head of Marketing

“Reign is a new generation of gaming PC’s from Novatech. The Reign PCs have been designed and built with one single goal - to provide an outstanding experience for the gaming enthusiast. Reign PCs have been built using the latest tech, with genuine gaming grade components to provide a seamless gaming experience across all genres.”  

Reign PCs key features include: 

-       All Solid-State super fast Hard Drives

-       ‘Unlocked’ Processors 

-       Latest Graphics technology

-       Premium components

Reign will be available to demo at the upcoming Insomnia Gaming Festival being held at the Birmingham NEC on 23rd - 26th August 2019.

Pricing and Warranty

The Novatech Reign Novatech Reign Sentry MKI is available from £1349.99. 

All Reign gaming PCs are covered by a 3 year warranty as standard. 

About Novatech

Novatech Ltd has been providing technology for professionals and enthusiasts for over 32 years and are one of the most trusted and well-established system integrators in the UK. 

Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Novatech is a specialist manufacturer of Custom, Gaming, Desktop PCs, Laptops, Workstations and Servers & PC Components for home, school and the office. 

Novatech is now one of the UK's top mail order computer suppliers and has the capacity to manufacture over 6,000 PCs and 4,000 Notebooks per month.

Novatech’s Awards:

Which? Desktop PC Reliability Award 2010 & 2011

Microscope Ace Awards Winner 2009

PC Retail Awards winner 2009

Custom PC Awards Winner 2008

PC Pro Awards Winner 2008