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Novatech Allspark VHP64 system review: low-power Core 2 Quad at the helm

by Tarinder Sandhu on 11 August 2009, 23:46 3.1

Tags: Novatech Allspark VHP64, Novatech

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Intel quietly rolled in a bunch of energy-efficient Core 2 Quad chips back in February this year. Reducing TDP from 95W to 65W, Intel has four such chips in the range, denoted by the 'S' suffix. Headlining the quartet is the Q9550S, which is identical to the regular Q9550 in every other way save for a lower power requirement.

Etailer and system-builder Novatech thought it would be a good idea to base a high-performance small-form-factor PC around it and place the lot in a SilverStone Sugo SG05B chassis. We take a look and evaluate whether it's a job well done.