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PlexTurbo 2.0 extends support to M6e, M6e M.2 2280 and M6 PRO (all capacities)

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Plextor, the world-leading manufacturer of Solid State Drive (SSD), launched its cutting-edge software PlexTurbo 2.0 in CES 2015 and it has been recommended by worldwide media and customers.

Under its customer-oriented business philosophy, Plextor is pleased to announce PlexTurbo 2.0. In addition to the already supported M6e Black Edition, the new version will now extend the support to M6e, M6e M.2 2280 and M6 PRO (all capacities).

Reminder: To use PlexTurbo, you should first install the Plextool software. M6 PRO players who have installed Plextool 1.1.5 (PlexTurbo 1.0) should first uninstall the PlexTool 1.1.5 software before installing the new version!

PlexTurbo Version


Plextool Version


Supported Models

M6 PRO (PX-xxxM6Pro)

PlexTurbo Version


Plextool Version


Supported Models

M6e Black Edition (PX-xxxM6e-BK)
M6e M.2 2280 (PX-GxxxM6e)
M6e (PX-AGxxxM6e)
M6 PRO (PX-xxxM6Pro)

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Download Plextool V 1.1.6 including PlexTurbo 2.0 here: http://www.goplextor.com/asia/index.php/download?task=viewcategory&catid=169.