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FSP Announces 80PLUS Gold Certified Hydro X Power Supply Series

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Low Standby Power Usage, Dynamic Cooling, and DC-DC Design for High Efficiency and Reliability

10th May, 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan – FSP, the performance power specialist, announces the release of its Hydro X Series 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies. These ATX PSUs use premium components and Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors made to exacting standards in order to provide users excellent cooling performance at high efficiency with minimum noise.
Efficient, Reliable DC-DC Module Design

Both +3.3V and +5V modules use a custom DC-DC design with solid capacitors for efficiency, voltage stability, and high system compatibility. This design is also optimized for the latest power-saving 6th Generation Intel Skylake processors.
Tight Voltage Regulation and Smart Cooling
A bespoke variable resistor (VR) design better controls the balance point of the +12V rail for tight regulation. Hydro X series PSUs ensure the output voltage is regulated within 1% under any load change. A thermometer monitors the internal temperature and automatically adjusts the speed of the 120mm double ball bearing fan to provide optimal cooling.
Eco-Minion Controller Reduces Standby Power Consumption

Computers spend most of their time sleeping. When a PC is in sleep or idle modes, most of its functions are powered by the +5Vsb rail. The Hydro X series includes an Eco-Minion Controller that enhances the overall performance of this rail. Generally, PSUs achieve 75% efficiency at a low-power standby load of about 1A – the Hydro X series can achieve around 82.5% efficiency for low standby power consumption.
Custom Soft Start Feature

The sudden rush of electrical current can hurt PSUs immediately after powering on. The Hydro X uses a custom power guard to curb the power surge when switching on, keeping the power supply safe and reliable.
Price and Availability

The Hydro X series will be available in May.
  • HGX450 450W PSU $89.99
  • HGX550 550W PSU $99.99
  • HGX650 650W PSU $109.99

For more product information: http://www2.fsplifestyle.com/home/product.php?rKey=P163000633

For more production information, please visit:

FSP Group’s official web site at: www.fsp-group.com
FSP Group Brand Product web site at: www.FSPLifestyle.com
FSP Blog:blog.fsp-group.com

About FSP

Founded in 1993 and one of the top six supplier of power supply products in the world, FSP Group (3015: Taiwan) meets varied user demands in power supplies with its 400-person strong R&D team, robust production capacity and comprehensive production lines. With more than 386 models certified to 80 PLUS standards, the world number one in 80 PLUS certification, enables users to enjoy eco-friendly technologies by providing the best environment protection and quality power supply products.