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SilverStone launches SX550 PSU

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As the standards bearer of SFX PSUs, SilverStone’s continuous breakthrough in power supply miniaturization and power density has resulted in SX550, a standard sized SFX model with high performance but surprisingly affordable price. It has 80 PLUS Gold level of efficiency, 50℃ temperature rating, and reliability of a continuous 550W output for 24/7 operation.

Furthermore, the SX550 has a flexible single +12V rail with 45A to support dual 8pin/6pin PCI-E connectors for multi-GPU systems.

Equipped with automatic temperature control, its 80mm fan can remain silent during idle and provide adequate cooling during high loading conditions. For SFF enthusiasts looking for the best bang for their bucks, the SX550 is an excellent choice.

Special Features

  • Supports standard SFX form factor
  • 550W continuous power output at 50℃ operating temperature rated for 24/7 operation
  • High efficiency with 80 PLUS Gold certification
  • Class-leading single +12V rail with 45A
  • Silent running 80mm fan with 18dBA minimum
  • Support dual PCI-E 8/6 pin connectors
  • Active PFC