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FSP introduces The Incomparable Fanless Zen, FSP’s new Silent Power Supply Unit

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Taiwan, 15th June 2005 - FSP Group, a world leader in designing and manufacturing mobile power solutions & switching power supplies, introduces the new FANLESS ZEN, challenging the silent power supply market at a time when computers have increased functionality and heat generation, yet demand quieter environments, thus meeting an important market demand.

Following on from the successful launch of FSP’s retail PSU range, comes their new Fanless Power Supply. With its load design, the Fanless Zen achieves truly silent operation (noise level of 0dB), and by using advanced pioneering technology, ZEN will be well placed to be in a leading position within the PC power supply market.

FSP constantly seeks to ensure its products are both responsible to its users and in line with market demands, particularly as most home & business PC users are now conscious about the high frequency sound generated by fans, but so far power supply designs have done little more than either decreasing fan speeds or the number of fans required.

Increased wattage in power supplies has lead to increased heat generation; therefore users have been compelled to install one or two additional fans, thus increasing the noise level. To reverse this, FSP has developed the Zen power supply, providing the perfect solution:

Its fanless load design, mesh housing and wide, streamlined high performance fin heatsink, facilitates optimal conversion of thermal energy, effectively promoting heat convection and conduction, enabling heat dispersion and reducing power consumption. Whilst minimizing the temperature of the PC, this product also ensures maximum and minimum output rates, so that even at high system temperatures, high loading can be maintained, achieving outstanding performance exceeding 86%, up to c. 89%.

So, not only is the Zen Fanless Power Supply truly silent, it also reduces power consumption, thus cutting your electricity costs.

The Zen Fanless power supply is equipped with dual 12V output circuitry that vastly increases power output, allows expansibility, and ensures stable voltage routing, preventing system instability and crash.

Zen also has a system abnormality protection feature, providing protection against too-high voltage, short circuit, overload and rising temperatures, ensuring the safety of PC peripherals. Targeting the global market, this product fully meets the global safety standards and has attained EMI certification.

The core technology applied in FSP’s power supplies has enabled the introduction of this breakthrough Fanless power solution. By applying the single heat principle, this product successfully disperses the heat generated by the PC without a fan by effectively routing the heat via the PC housing, thus achieving a true 0dB noise level. In a market that demands for low noise products, this innovative fanless power supply solution is expected to make waves in the power supply industry.

ZEN Fanless will be available for C. £90 inc. VAT from:

Vadim Computers
Gladiator Computers

For more information on ZEN Fanless visit