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Your Best Power Solution for Home and Office – FSP showcases at CeBIT

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CeBIT 2011 marks yet another milestone for FSP Group, as it is the first time FSP showcases only retail product line, ranging from Power Supply, Laptop Adaptor, Power Bank and UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply) altogether at the world's largest computer exhibition. The latest products from FSP will be showcased in Hall 17, E50 from March 1st to 5th.

Premium Power, Gold Standard

AURUM Series – A brand new line‐up of FSP power supply family. AURUM series meets the 80Plus Gold Standard with over 90% power efficiency. With FSP’s MIA ICTM Patent Technology, AURUM Series provides ultimate performance and the highest protection for your system. In addition, the new Arrow FlowTM ventilation provides superb cooling performance. AURUM Series is the perfect PSU combination of premium quality and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those who seek for state of the art technology and environmental friendliness at the same time.

New Laptop Adaptor – NB Q90 PLUS, Keeps Your Energy Up On The Go!

Capable of charging both your laptop, and mp3 player or cell phone at the same time, the new NB Q90 PLUS is a light, easy to carry adaptor which will keep you topped off no matter where you are. Complete with EZCable Manager and a travel bag, the NB Q90 PLUS gives you all the benefits of a standard adaptor without the weight or clutter. At the booth, we set up an “Experience Zone” for all the visitors to power up their laptop.

Need battery backup for your mobile devices? FSP C2200 Power Bank, comes with dual USB charging ports, that allows you to charge up to 2 devices such as an iPod, an iPhone, or a mp3 player at the same time and keep each individual device charged for an extra 30 minutes on the go. Perfect for those times where you need that extra boost to get you through the day. As a total power solution provider, FSP has the entire UPS series for your needs. Ranging from 400VA to 2K VA as in line interactive models for your home and office system, The Galleon series is perfect for your server, it offers guaranteed power protection from damaging surges and spikes. Come visit us, you will find something different for your needs!

About FSP

Founded in 1993, FSP is the top 5 largest manufacturer of power supplies. As a leading manufacturer with over 15 years experience in designing products, FSP has over 250 products certified as 80Plus – more than any other manufacturer in the world. FSP has a strong commitment to quality and the environment. FSP is listed on Taiwan Stock under ticker 3015

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