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Compro announces new era product powered by C4Home Cloud platform as VaaS

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(March 2013) Compro Technology, a leading video technology developed company, today with honor to announce the new era product series will all powered by C4Home. C4Home is an intelligent security cloud solution design for home and business owner, it means Care for Home, which offers all the cares with convenience, comfort, connect and control, aim to create a new lifestyle via smart mobile device.

C4Home founded in 2009 and has been dedicated to the Video-As-A-Service (VaaS) for the home and business security systems with the latest cloud, wireless, and mobile technologies.  C4Home enables users to use smart phones, tablets and computers to remote viewing what IP camera monitoring, turn alarms off and on from remote locations, as well as to receive text and other alerts if something is awry in the presences.  User can also use their devices to control door, window, garage, lights, heating, cooling systems, and small appliances as home automation. 

Today, C4Home is on a 24-hour watch in many homes and businesses worldwide to monitor and protect houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, stores, retail chains, model homes, vacation properties, data centers, trailers and more.

What is C4Home?


Simple and easy process in setting up security cameras via Mobil Phone.  No need to remember camera ID and can access camera anytime and anywhere with C4Home account.


C4Home allows users to have "real peace of mind" that they are connected to their system from anywhere. 

For example, a person might forget to set the alarm before leaving the house. Or maybe he or she set the alarm, but grandma and grandpa are coming over and don't know the password to turn off the alarm.

Now that person can pull out a smart phone or tablet, connect to the alarm system through C4Home, and operate the security network as if at home punching numbers on the alarm box.


Appliances, sensors, and cameras are talking to each other. This rises to the level of what people want from their mobile, connected lifestyles.


C4Home Home Automation services provide a seamless automation solution across your property to allow you to remotely control your lights, heater, and etc. with Mobil apps.

To learn more about C4Home and its applications, visit http://www.c4home.com/

About Compro

Compro Technology, Inc. has been an innovative leader in the design and development of consumer and industrial imaging applications since 1988. Compro Security offers workable and affordable H.264-compressed, high-definition (HD) network cameras, intelligent surveillance systems, a variety of system integration devices, technical know-how, and much more. For complete product and corporate information, please visit www.comprousa.com.