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DrayTek announce IPv6 support for their popular Vigor 2830 series routers

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DrayTek are delighted to announce IPv6 support for their popular Vigor 2830 range.

Since the Vigor 2830 was launched in February 2011 it has become DrayTek's flagship product. Consistent with DrayTek's strategy to deliver new firmware for existing hardware, every Vigor 2830 customer can now upgrade their router to support IPv6 free of charge.

According to Julian Hubble, DrayTek's Sales and Marketing Manager:  "Our customers typically buy a DrayTek router for the medium to long term, and don't want to be forced into an expensive and potentially disruptive hardware upgrade every time something new comes along. Delivering IPv6 as a free firmware upgrade is a perfect example of DrayTek's commitment to helping its customers gain maximum value from their DrayTek purchase".

The Vigor 2830 series supports multiple WAN ports including ADSL2+, Ethernet (Cable) and 3G via a dongle. With support for 32 x IPSEC VPN (inbound and outbound) tunnels, web content filtering with GlobalView and a host of quality of service settings the product has quickly established itself as DrayTek's flagship product for the small office.

To assist with the general understanding of IPv6 DrayTek have announced the launch of a new book for Network Managers and Systems Administrators; Real World IPv6.

IPv6 is a huge topic with deep technical aspects but the book focuses on introducing the key aspects that SysAdmins need to know to understand the implications and make the right decisions for the business

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About DrayTek

DrayTek are a leading manufacturer of "business class" broadband and networking solutions that help consumers and businesses save money and improve efficiency by exploiting the full potential of the internet.  The product range includes routers, firewalls, PBXs, IP Phones, switches and wireless access points.