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DrayTek release SmartMonitor – Network Analysis Tool

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DrayTek launches Smart Monitor, their latest network analysis tool compatible with most of the current DrayTek router/firewall models and available as a complementary download.

Controlling and monitoring web usage of staff is becoming critically important to many businesses. Tools exist to block and/or restrict access to certain types of site (e.g. DrayTek's GlobalView) however in many cases businesses don't mind a small amount of web freedom providing this trust is not abused. 

Smart monitor allows businesses to monitor web access across the company and quickly identify areas of concern as well as identify traffic which may be causing bottlenecks.

Smart Monitor operates at many levels; traffic types such as FTP, HTTP, P2P and MSN can be monitored across the network to analyse traffic volumes and, as required, the tool can drill down to a specific user/IP Address. 

Specific web sites visited and actual live data entering or exiting the network can be captured, for example attachments to emails, messages and file downloads, helping to keep close control on individual usage.

"Top 10" reports are easily created showing the chronological lists of top data volume users, service type users with many more options.

In short Smart Monitor enables a business to monitor web access, identify inappropriate usage or ‘bandwidth hoggers' and take appropriate action to improve network performance and AUP management on any LAN using a compatible DrayTek router.

DrayTek's Smart Monitor software runs on a Windows PC and collects data from the router/firewall's Ethernet mirror port.  Smart monitor is free of charge, available to any Draytek user who is using a supported router model.

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About DrayTek:

DrayTek are a leading manufacturer of "business class" broadband and networking solutions that help consumers and businesses save money and improve efficiency by exploiting the full potential of the internet.  The product range includes routers, firewalls, PBXs, IP Phones, switches and wireless access points.