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DrayTek release a new ADSL SoHo Router/Firewall with DECT Support

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DrayTek launches the Vigor 2710VDn, their most highly featured router aimed at the consumer/SoHo market.

Many users will be familiar with using DECT or cordless phones in their homes or at the office. DECT phones provide the ability to take a call on the move or at any location within an office/home environment and communicate to a DECT base station usually installed next to the telephone line.

The Vigor 2710VDn replaces the DECT base station and can be utilised with any DECT phone that conforms to a standard called GAP supported by most popular brands.

In addition to DECT support the Vigor 2710VDn incorporates all the features of its sister product, the Vigor 2710Vn.

Twin VoIP (phone) ports are available allowing the user to make free calls across the Internet using a normal phone, or low cost calls to any regular phone worldwide. Fully WiFi equipped, the Vigor 2710VDn provides the latest 802.11n technology for maximum performance.

Of particular interest, the products USB port can accept a USB memory stick and provide a simple NAS (Network Attached Storage) facility; ideal as a handy repository for downloading/sharing files around your home, office or from elsewhere on the Internet.

DrayTek’s SME products are renowned for their security and web content filtering features and the Vigor 2710VDn is no exception. A stateful packet inspection firewall with objectbased filtering helps protect your network as standard but also allows you to set up additional security as required. Of particular use to home users is optional web content filtering software called ‘Global View’ which allows you to block specific web sites or whole categories of web site to help prevent access to unsuitable web sites.

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