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Synology unveils hybrid cloud visions

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Celebrating the coming 20th anniversary, Synology unveils hybrid cloud visions in DSM 7, with AI-powered analytics, Fibre Channel protocol, High-Density 4U/60-bay storage solution and more


MILTON KEYNES, United Kingdom — 19th September 2019 — Synology announced a series of innovations at the Synology 2020 event in London today, laying out a data management platform which seamlessly integrates the company’s hardware and software infrastructure and its cloud services to help businesses effectively manage exponential data growth. 


At the core of the platform lies the new DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 operating system. The highlights include streamlined on-premises storage management, cloud-based monitoring and issue prevention, and native hybrid cloud storage capabilities. It is further backed by an expanded product portfolio designed to meet enterprises’ high performance, availability, and density requirements. 


“Synology has been managing data for more than 6 million homes and businesses worldwide, which is remarkable not only in the storage industry but also in the whole data management market,” said Philip Wong, Synology’s founder and CEO.


“Building on the blueprint we created 20 years ago, we are now seeing all three pieces connected in DSM 7.0: our hardware, software, and cloud offerings. It will serve as the foundation of all our products and services in the coming decade.”


DSM 7.0 is developed around three key elements:


User empowerment: new Storage Manager, enhanced SSD cache, and deeper integration with virtualization environments

  • Storage Manager: presents a redesigned interface to help users better understand their storage architecture and space utilization and to provide on-point troubleshooting suggestions. 
  • SSD cache: for the rapidly growing number of users taking advantage of the technology, SSD Cache Advisor now makes accurate recommendations on the cache size with the optimal cost/performance ratio by analyzing the I/O patterns of real-world workloads. Services will continue to run uninterrupted when mounting or unmounting an SSD cache, and system performance can be significantly boosted by pinning metadata in SSD cache in situations where backup, snapshot, file scanning or accessing a large database are involved. 
  • Synology Storage Console for VMware and Windows: enables storage monitoring and one-click performance optimization inside VMware vCenter and Windows Server. VMware administrators can additionally carry out storage provisioning in vCenter, greatly increasing the management efficiency in virtualization environments. 

Smart insights: 24/7 server monitoring and issue prevention with Active Insight

Maintaining and troubleshooting a fleet of servers can become daunting, especially for companies with limited IT staff and budgets. Active Insight is Synology’s first cloud-based monitoring service, offering:

  • Predict & prevent: proactively alerts you to anomalies in any given servers as they happen and provides detailed remediation advice, reducing risks before they lead to actual damages. 
  • Central monitoring: displays real-time and historical trends of server performance and system health of all your Synology NAS on a single pane of glass, allowing administrators to quickly identify bottlenecks or under-utilized assets. 

Cloud connectivity: native hybrid cloud storage with Hybrid Share

Synology C2, the company’s own public cloud service, is currently protecting the backup data of more than 28,000 business and personal users. With Hybrid Share, C2 can extend the on-premises shared folders on Synology NAS with its highly scalable, pay-as-you-go storage space. 

  • Storage expansion and disaster recovery: an alternative to physically upgrading your storage systems to increase capacity. In the event of a disaster, configurations can be restored to a new NAS in minutes, immediately resuming access to all shared folders on C2. 
  • Multi-site file sharing: offices in different locations can connect to the same shared folders on C2, with each NAS caching only the files they need. This dramatically reduces the bandwidth and storage space required for cross-site file sharing. 

DSM 7.0 comes with several new or updated packages, most notably Synology Photos. Unifying the experience of Photo Station for photographers and Moments for personal users, both of which have received immense popularity, Synology Photos aims to provide one intelligent, collaborative, and highly customizable photo management solution that can be tailored to fulfill professional or casual needs in any setting.

Finally, to meet the growing demands in its high-end storage segment, Synology announced an ongoing expansion of the enterprise product portfolio since the second half of 2019, including:

  • Performance-oriented: all-flash FS series and SAS-based SA series catering to different IOPS, capacity, and budgetary requirements.
  • High-availability: active-active dual controller UC3200 for non-disruptive iSCSI services and active-passive SA3200D for full DSM functionality. 
  • High-density: 4U 60-bay HD6400 to deliver close to 1PB capacity with controlled infrastructure costs.
  • Fibre-channel SAN: support for fibre channel network cards presents SAN administrators with an appealing, cost-effective option that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing environments.