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Synology® Unveils Surveillance Station 8.2 Beta

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New mobile applications take you beyond the expectation of mobile devices

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom - 18th July 2018 - Synology® Inc. today announced the beta availability of Surveillance Station 8.2, welcoming testers around the world to join the beta testing program. This upcoming release showcases LiveCam, a brand new security camera app that instantly turns a spare phone into an IP camera. The revamp of DS cam offers higher performance and greater compatibility, along with the addition of IP speakers to the hardware support list. Complementing the array of refreshing functionality, the next generation of Application Center offers greater flexibility for application management. Once the beta phase is concluded, valuable feedback and suggestions will be taken into consideration to polish the official release of Surveillance Station 8.2. 

"The latest update of Surveillance Station explores the potential of mobile surveillance at home and in a corporate environment with the introduction of LiveCam, with a streamlined interface, and with more robust application management" said Ivan Chang, Product Manager at Synology Inc., "Once the phone is transformed into a security camera through LiveCam, it is well-incorporated into the Surveillance Station network with its video recordings readily accessible by DS cam. With the application available in Application Center, users can elevate their surveillance capability with the use of various applications that best suit their needs. The impact of surveillance deployment is further amplified with the support of IP speakers, enabling users to broadcast as well as monitor the surrounding areas of these audio devices via paired IP cameras.

Surveillance Station 8.2 Beta includes the following new features:

  • Turn phones into cameras with LiveCam: Your mobile device can now be an IP camera. Once LiveCam is installed on your mobile phone, you can add it to Surveillance Station as an IP camera that can record as you go. Put your spare devices to good use.
  • Application Center that knows just what you need: New style of add-ons called Application Center provides up to 26 applications and utilities. Use the category filter or keyword search to quickly find the application that you are looking for and customise your Surveillance Station.
  • Revamped DS cam with extraordinary performance and compatibility: The next generation of DS cam not only provides a more streamlined viewing experience, but also multi-timeline capabilities for intuitively searching through video footage. In addition, with off-line license authentication in place, you can now easily deploy the system at a faster pace.
  • Now support IP speakers: Surveillance Station 8.2 can transmit audio or arrange scheduled broadcasts on integrated IP speakers. In multi-speaker deployment, either single or group broadcast is also available.
  • Oversee sizable project with Time Lapse: Time Lapse shortens lengthy videos down to minutes or even seconds. This application is particularly useful for showing a large-scale project from start to completion.
  • Safeguard your data with Dual Authorisation: A safer and more flexible privilege management measure, Dual Authorisation restricts sensitive functions such as managing cameras or accessing video records to only be performed with authorisation from another party. With extra protection in place, this prevents the leaking of sensitive information.
  • Stream to the world with Live Broadcast: Share your excitement with the world as you live stream to YouTube with no settings required. Simply select the camera and enter the path information provided on YouTube. Your live stream broadcast is ready for action.

To learn more about Surveillance Station 8.2 Beta, please visit www.synology.com/beta/SurveillanceStation_82_beta.



Synology Surveillance Station 8.2 Beta package is available to download on DSM. For more information on DSM compatibility, package installation, and applied models, please visit www.synology.com/dsm/6.2.