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The MSI ARTYMIS Series monitors feature a 1000R curved panel

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[Global announcement] MSI today announced the 1000R Vision, Break Through Boundaries campaign that showcases the MSI ARTYMIS series of 1000R Curved monitors while also studying how a curved display can help minimize eye fatigue.

Many people use curved monitors to gain a better immersive viewing experience. Since a "1000R curve" most closely matches the curvature of our field of vision, a 1000R Curved Monitor like the ones in the ARTYMIS lineup offers the very best way to achieve near-perfect immersion when gaming or watching movies and shows. The ‘R’ here indicates the radius, and the number you see before the ‘R’ is the radius of the circle (and the arc).

To study the effects of digital eye strain and how to minimize them, MSI teamed up with the University of Bradford. The study allowed participants to game on a 1000R and 1800R monitors, while researchers recorded non-verbal signs of eye fatigue in participants for each monitor. Participants expressed a greater enjoyment and a much more immersive and comfortable gaming experience when playing on the 1000R curved monitor, compared to the 1800R curved screen. You can watch the full study here.

MSI's ARTYMIS series monitors feature a natural 1000R curved display that helps enhance the gaming experience and minimize the eye strain that accompanies long sessions in front of a screen. MSI's 1000R campaign goes over more details about the study and whether it's worth upgrading to a 1000R curved monitor right now. To learn more click the link: 1000r Vision

Besides, MSI offers more special programs for consumers currently. For more information in detail, you can refer to the promotion page.

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