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SUPoX Introduces Professional Crypto Mining B250A-BTC D+

Tags: Biostar, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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March 6, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan – SUPoX introduces a professional crypto mining motherboard, SUPoX B250A-BTC D+, that takes advantage of the Intel B250 chipset for native 8-graphics card support to eliminate the need for riser cards. In addition, it can be used with server power supplies (single 12V rail PSU) which gives more options for scalable mining.

Without the need for riser cards, the initial setup cost is lower (a savings of US$7-$10 per riser card) and lowers the overall power consumption. The mining rig is more stable as less heat and less clutter improves airflow, which ultimately prolongs the life of the mining system. 

Riser Card-Free Design

The Intel B250 chipset enables the B250A-BTC D+ to run up to eight native PCI-e X16 slots, which has many advantages over PCI-e bridge solutions. Miners can save on the cost of having to purchase multiple riser cards and have a more efficient overall system. It also has better reliability and stability, as additional riser cards run the risk of burnouts and capability issues that can affect the downtime of the mining rig.

Space Saving Design

The SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ motherboard features a slim form factor that fits into traditional one-layer square mining chassis. This compliments the riser card-free design well to make the most compact yet powerful mining system possible for professional miners to fit as many mining rigs in any space.

Hybrid AMD and Nvidia GPU Support

A combination of AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards are possible for SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ motherboard. With graphics cards prices at an all-time high, this gives you the flexibility of building the best cost-performance system at any given time. 

KVM Switch Support

The motherboard also has an HDMI port that supports KVM switches to connect monitor and peripherals, this is important for scalable mining setups as overall cost is reduced to a minimum with multiple setups sharing the monitor and peripherals.

The SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ motherboard is designed for professional miners that plan to run scalable mining setups that requires reliability, efficiency, cost-performance and powerful all at the same time.

Pricing and Availability

SUPoX B250A-BTC D+ MSRP: $169.99


SUPoX is a Taiwan based, computer hardware company specializing in the development and manufacturing of motherboards for AMD and Intel processors and Solid State Drives with almost 20 years of experience. As a sub-brand of BIOSTAR, SUPoX leverages its parent company’s R&D strengths and has been the pioneer for a number of revolutionary developments since it always regards user experience as its vital core value.