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Toshiba announces Windows 10 readiness with upgrade timing for new and existing models

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Windows 10 free upgrade[1] on new 2015 models from July 29th

Upgrades available for existing customers to experience Windows 10 from general availability

New models optimised for Windows 10 with quick access Cortana button

London, UK, 27th July 2015 - Toshiba Europe GmbH today announces its line up of new Windows devices will be upgradeable to Windows 10 beginning on 29th July 2015. In addition, many of Toshiba's existing 2013 and 2014 device line up will be upgradeable starting on July 29th. The upgrade to Windows 10 is offered by Microsoft Corp. free of charge for one year from general availability[1].

Sandor van der Ham, Vice President, B2C PC, Lifestyle Products and Services Group, Toshiba Europe GmbH said: "We're delighted to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to experience Windows 10 from day one on our new line up but also on many of our existing models. We've worked closely with Microsoft to ensure our 2015 range is optimised to make the most out of Windows 10 and are excited about its introduction to the market. Consumers will have the freedom to experience the best of both their Toshiba device and the latest Windows operating system."

"We have partnered closely with Toshiba throughout the Windows 10 journey and are thrilled with the new designs it is delivering to further enhance Cortana and light up other key features of Windows 10," said Peter Han, Vice President of Worldwide OEM Marketing, Microsoft. "Toshiba is delivering some unique experiences to its customers through hardware innovation."

Available from July 29th, all of Toshiba's new 2015 Windows product line up will be available for the free upgrade including the Satellite C, Satellite L, Satellite P series, Satellite Radius 15 and the Satellite Click Mini introduced earlier this year. Built to take advantage of the key features of Windows 10, many of the new models include hardware and components to ensure smooth performance, and dual microphones for the best Cortana[2] experience - optimised with clear voice capture and a quick access keyboard button for launching Microsoft's digital assistant. Cortana gets to know its user and helps organise their life, whether that's by informing them of traffic delays, enabling more intuitive web searching, or reminding them of upcoming events.

Customers with models from Toshiba's existing 2014 range will be able to experience Windows 10 beginning at general availability, with most models being available for upgrade straight away. Toshiba will also support Windows 10 upgrades on 2013 models by making updated drivers and other software available within six months of the general availability date.

The Satellite Radius 15: the convertible for every scenario

The 39.6cm (15.6") Satellite Radius 15's 360 degree hinge allows users to choose between five different modes, to provide the perfect device for any situation. The flip-and-fold design makes it possible to work in the most convenient way at all times, delivering the best of productivity and play from the start of the day, right through to an evening's entertainment.

The Satellite P series: high performance multimedia

Supremely responsive, with a powerful performance for advanced multimedia and gaming use, the 39.6 cm (15.6") Satellite P50-C, P50t-C and P50D-C deliver seamless entertainment for multimedia enthusiasts. With a set of powerful features, users have everything they need to play graphics-heavy games, watch the latest films, or multitask through a variety of applications.

The Satellite L series: enhancing everyday computing

The 39.6 cm (15.6") Satellite L50-C/L50D-C, and the 43.9 cm (17.3") Satellite L70-C balance an attractive design with impressive functionality that doesn't come at the cost of portability. With a range of entertainment features, the series meets users' daily workloads and media requirements with style.

The Satellite C series: performance and style for everyone

Each model in the Satellite C Series - featuring the 43.9 cm (17.3") Satellite C70-C/C70D-C, the 39.6 cm (15.6") Satellite C55-C/C55D-C and the 35.6 cm (14") Satellite C40-C - comes encased in a new elegant, angular chassis, complete with an attractive hairline finish. With the latest Intel ® and AMD processors, the C Series allows users to meet everyday computing requirements with ease.

For more information on upgrading to Windows 10 with Toshiba and upgrade timing by model, please visit http://www.toshiba.co.uk/innovation/generic/windows10/.

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[1] Please see www.windows.com/windows10upgrade for terms and conditions

[2] Availability of Cortana is dependent on market, experience varies by market.