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AORUS Storms CES with X5: World’s First 15” SLI Gaming Laptop with GTX 965M SLI & 4K IGZO Display


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The Aorus X5 completes the lineup of cutting-edge gaming laptop from 13" to 17"

Jan 6, CES Las Vegas, USA - Gaming products pioneer AORUS launches the most powerful 15.6" gaming laptop with dual GTX 965M graphics at CES 2015. Users of 15" laptops for the first time can experience integrated power with the new Aorus X5. This represents a defining milestone in performance for AORUS as the gaming laptop pioneer celebrates its first anniversary. 

Family of performance gaming laptops is complete

The brand new X3 Plus, powered by the recently announced GTX 970M, is a pure dominator in the smaller form factor market, outperforming any competition within 14-inch.  Three generations of X7, the refreshed new X3 Plus and now the undisputedly stunning X5 demonstrates Aorus' ambition in innovation and unique tastes in aesthetics for gaming enthusiasts. The introduction of the Aorus X5 brings the long-awaited superpower 15.6" to reality and also completes a comprehensive laptop lineup- from the desktop alternative 17.3" to the ultra-portable 13.9". AORUS has continued to demonstrate to the e-sports realm it's continued commitment to launch the best possible gadgets gamers have been waiting for.

Brand New X5: World's Most Powerful 15" Gaming Laptop with GTX 965MSLI

  • This pair of GTX 965M graphics renders up to P12000 in 3DMark 11, a pure phenomenal score, about 15% above what a single GTX 980M could offer.
  • Experience the extremely smooth gameplay at the highest frame rates and settings; incredibly fine details under ultra-high resolutions are now wrapped in a lightweight and portable design.
  • AORUS X5 takes a duo of GTX 965M into a 15.6" chassis that is only 22.9mm tall. This entire package of formidable horsepower and features previously seen only on desktop systems are now condensed into an ultra-portable gaming platform.
  • Touting a 15.6-inch frame while weighing less than 2.5 kilogram maximum, X5 is simply unbeatable in terms of performance to dimension ratio. 

Truly Virtual Reality in Every Pixel: First 15.6" IGZO Display

The 4K/ UHD IGZO display is another feature that sets X5 from the competition. The 15-inch 4K display delivers ultra-high pixels and stunning details for unparalleled viewing experience when gaming. The latest and best IGZO-TFT (Indium gallium zinc oxide) panel is a low-power yet high-performance display that minimizes color shift, proving gorgeous image with crystal clarity. A growing number of laptops on the market claim to offer 4K display, but few are capable of graphic performances required to achieve a satisfying frame refresh rate at such a demanding resolution. Geared up with a pair of NVidia's top-tier gaming graphics, AORUS X5 is the only 15.6" laptop capable of squeezing out the essence of 4K display for brilliant vision and fantastic experiences.  X5 Availability: Q2, 2015; MSRP: $2299-2799

The New X3 Plus: World's Lightest Gaming Laptop with GTX 970M

  • True to its mantra of ‘Exceed with Less', the X3 weighs in at 1.87kg while remaining less than an inch in height with a footprint of only 330mm.
  • Facilitated by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 6GB GDDR5 VRAM that scores more than P9000+ in 3D Mark 11, the new X3 Plus ensures its users higher mobility while smooth gameplay at ultra-detail settings- hi-end gaming has never been closer to any small form factor than X3!
  • Fitting on an IGZO QHD+ display, X3 renders sharp colour accuracy and forgiving viewing angles along with gorgeous 3200x1800 resolution.
  • X3 offers an undeniable features and performance almost unheard of in the category perfect for either gaming or general purposes. Perfect for those who love to travel light, the X3 is the only machine capable of delivering a powerful performance in such a small form factor. X3 Plus v3 Availability: Jan, 2015; MSRP: $2199

X7 Pro with Dual GTX 970M: World's Most Powerful Gaming Laptop:

  • The widely praised flagship X7 has garnered over ten media awards since its first installment.
  • Geared with dual GTX 970M graphics, the latest X7 Pro delivers stunningly beautiful images and flawless motion almost for any game thrown at it. The pair of next-gen 970M chips, featuring Maxwell architecture, boasts near 30% performance improvement while remaining energy-efficient with a substantial drop in power consumption when compared with the top-of-the-line GTX 980M.
  • Thanks to its full aluminum chassis along with the dynamic design, X3 ensures optimum cooling and stability while pushing performance to the extreme. Capable of P14000 in 3DMark 11, X7 Pro is crafted and designed to address the highest demand for gaming on the move. X7 Pro Availability: available; MSRP: $2599

AORUS Exclusive: Gamer-oriented Macro Hub & RAID Xpress

  • All AORUS laptops are equipped exclusive with rapid "RAID Xpress" transmission that drastically minimizes loading time programs for seamless gaming experiences.
  • The unique Macro Hub perfectly integrates and translates a series of keyboard and mouse operations into one touch.
  • The programmable innovation automates and simplifies routine operations; its scissor-switch key structure, rarely seen on laptops, guarantees lightning response as well as complete dominance in gameplay.
  • Macro keys previously available on desktop systems only are now AORUS gaming laptop standards. Outplay the opponent now takes just one click.

The AORUS gaming laptops are poised to challenge the mobile gaming market with full-spectrum product lines that brings hardcore gamers uncompromised gameplay on the move.