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IWILL ZMAXgs Creative Form Factor

Tags: DFI (TPE:2397)

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The Intel 915 (Grants dale) MCH chipset Based Mini PC That Supports Intel LGA775 Prescott Processor, PCI Express 16x, and Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

Sep 23rd, 2004, Taipei, Taiwan—IWILL, one of the leading SCSI workstation/server motherboards manufacturers in Taiwan since 1989 is pleased to announce the innovative Intel LGA775 Prescott Processor ready Creative Form Factor Barebones which meet the next generation of advanced technology for home entertainment, small office, and game enthusiasts with the 6-layer VRM10 & FMB1.5 certificated motherboard, advanced thermal and noise control mechanical design PC chassis, and 300 watts Active PFC power supply unit.

The Intel LGA775 Prescott processor supported small form factor barebone system is based on Intel 915 MCH chipset that supports Socket-T LGA775 Prescott processors with Hypertreading technology, 2x Dual DDRII 533 DIMMs up to 2 GB , 1x PCI Express 16x supports the newest announced graphic accelerator interface, 1x 32-bit PCI with 33 MHz, 1x Mini PCI bus for optional wireless IEEE802.11b/g solution with Access point function, 1x Gigabit NIC, 1x 10 / 100 NIC, 8x High Speed USB connectors, 2x OHCI compatible IEEE1394a programming interface by TI, AC97’ 6 channel Audio with 3D sound effects, 4x Serial ATA connectors on system, and RAID0,1,0+1 functions supported. Embedded 300 Watts PSU with Active PFC functions for activating the computing resources of Intel LGA775 Prescott processor and high-end graphics accelerators completely. Smart Fan Speed Control Software makes little noise around 38 db at full speed operation. Digital VRM power controller IC provides the 6-layer motherboard that meets the VRM10 & FMB1.5 standards with accurate electrical signals to prove the longer life circle for the advanced system and reduce the heat-growth inside this Creative Form Factor.

With so many plentiful value-added product features, ZMAXgs fulfills the demands of power users with the incredible mechanical dimension: 220mm*220mm*280mm (H*W*D). ZMAXgs is qualified for the new “4M” standards of purchasing SFF barebones: “Materials”, “Mobility for LAN parties”, “Multi-media / Multi-tasking functions”, and “Money saving”. ZMAXgs is definitely your only choice for your SFF barebones.

The innovative small form factor from Iwill is built to connect with all your desktop PCs and mobile devices that compete with the WiFi standards through the dual NICs to activate the DHCP Sever functions and embedded Access Point to communicate with all WiFi compatible devices without well training IT specialist. That’s why we call ZMAX series as Creative Form Factor Barebones. If you want to know more about the Iwill Creative Form Factor, please go to check more detailed information in our website: