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TYAN Virtual Booth Online During CeBIT 2010

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Fremont, CA, March 2nd, 2010 - TYAN, an industry-leading server platform provider, which is part of MiTAC International Corp., presented its virtual booth which will be available during CeBIT 2010. The virtual booth is being co-hosted by TYAN and Intel and will feature products that support HPC,Cloud computing and GPU technologies. Worldwide visitors can access the virtual booth to learn more about TYAN products and success stories by going to:

HPC (High Performance Computing): High Performance Computing (HPC) is a critical tool for scientific researches, engineers and academic institutions.  HPC is most often associated with any process that includes large volumes of data and the consumption of large amounts of computation time.  HPC is utilized in a variety of fields from weather and climate modeling, fluid dynamics, bioinformatics and financial analysis.  The HPC field is viewed with such interest, that a Top500 list is updated bi-annually to track the fastest HPC based systems in the world.  (

TYAN’s S7012 and GT24-B7016, FT72-B7015 and FT48-B7025 are the perfect solutions designed for HPC applications. The TYAN FT72-B7015 is a specialized design for HPC and Virtualization applications that supports up to (8) GPU/Graphic adapters.  The TYAN FT48-B7025 supports up to (4) GPU/Graphic adapters and are officially certified for use with the NVIDIA® Tesla™ C1060 and S1070 solutions.

CLOUD COMPUTING: Cloud computing is a new use of computer technology where users will no longer need direct knowledge or expertise over the hardware, software or the infrastructure that creates the cloud.  Cloud computing will offer a greater scalable solution that will provide greater performance through a higher utilization rate all while reducing the total cost of ownership to clients.

The TYAN Yellow River series YR190 B7018 and YR290 B7018 provide additional flexibility for the cloud computing environment through a highly expandable, greater power redundancy and a more robust system management capability.  TYAN’s Yellow Series Products are uniquely designed to be maximized in a cloud computing infrastructure. The TYAN Yellow River series can be used as a backbone for building public or private cloud hardware environments.  The TYAN Yellow River series delivers higher performance and reduced cost by utilizing a space saving high density design.  The TYAN Yellow series is the best choice for building a cloud computing environment.

High Density GPU Server – High Density GPU capable servers are the backbone for enabling companies to create highly interactive visual media with extremely large data set requirements.  The 3D film “Avatar” generated great awareness of the commercial success potential of 3D technology. High Density GPU capable Servers played a crucial role in the success of “Avatar” and other 3D based films.  These High Density GPU capable servers are capable of providing support for remote graphics applications, distributed graphics applications, off-line rendering and embedded visual computing.  The TYAN S7025, FT72-B7015 and FT72-B7025 create the foundation for building a dynamic computing environment by maximizing computing power, simplifying overall system management and lowering the overall costs of investment.  Whether you need a large paralleling computing environment or trying to create complicated 3D graphically intensive environments, TYAN provides the products and flexibility to help create that infrastructure.
Furthermore, visitors can access to the PRESS ROOM for TYAN’s latest information.
 “HPC and Cloud Computing play important roles in today’s IT environment,” said Albert Mu, Vice President of Enterprise Business Unit of MiTAC International Corporation. “TYAN presents an array of HPC and Cloud Computing products at the TYAN CeBIT’10 Virtual booth. These creative platforms provide the greatest flexibility and features as well as more power efficient, greater virtualization capabilities, easier manageability and at a lower total cost of ownership.”

With multiple I/O design and various PCI slots, the TYAN FT72-B7015 and TYAN FT48-B7025 provide outstanding memory/CPU core ratio and GPU expandability for HPC and High Density GPU applications. The FT48-B7025 is a 4U platform supports (2) Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors with (8) DDR-III R/U-DIMM slot, (4) PCI-E x16 Gen.2 slots, and (2) GbE ports. It can support up to 4 GPUs with (8) 3.5” hot-swap SAS HDDs that meets customers’ requirement in storage and data back up. The FT72-B7015 is a 4U supports (2) Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors with (18) DDR-III R/U-DIMM slots, (8) PCI-E x16 Gen.2 slots, and (4) GbE ports. It can support up to 8 GPUs in 4U chassis that is specially designed for GPU-intensive HPC applications that offer faster computing power.

For more detail, please come to visit TYAN CeBIT’10 Virtual Booth at: or log onto the TYAN website: