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Colorful to Showcase New Products at COMPUTEX 2016

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Exciting new releases and partnerships with VR and Gaming

May 24th, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and computing solutions, is excited to invite everyone to visit their booth at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016. Colorful will be hosting a large showcase of their unique products during May 31st (Tue) – June 4th (Sat) 2016 in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number L0128). The booth will highlight Colorful’s innovative product line including graphics cards, motherboards, tablets, mini PCs, SSDs and a lot more during COMPUTEX and visitors are invited to visit and witness Colorful’s products first-hand.

On display will be Colorful’s line-up of powerful graphics cards as well motherboards with special DIY custom PCs on display to showcase the allure of Colorful components in completed setups. The new Colorful SSD will be on display as well as the other computing devices from Colorful’s other sub-brands like the Colorfly HiFi series.

Highlighting the Colorful booth will be the iGame series display where the best of Colorful are on show including the iGame GTX 900 series graphics cards together with iCafe series graphics cards, iGame series motherboards and the iGame series G15K gaming notebook. Experience and see first-hand the incredible build and quality like only the iGame series offers featuring custom watercooling solutions for both existing and new models. Speaking of new models, Colorful will unveil the new generation of graphics cards exclusively at COMPUTEX.

Colorful will also display one of the worlds’ first custom GTX 1080 graphics cards based on the new GTX 1080 from NVIDIA featuring the Pascal GPU architecture. These new graphics cards will sport custom coolers and custom PCBs and will demonstrate the craftsmanship of Colorful in this new series of GPUs.

Visitors will not only get to see Colorful products but will also get to experience the power that these products deliver with a virtual reality experience demo in the booth powered by Colorful components. VR is the next stage of computer entertainment and Colorful is proud to let users get a taste of what is to come.

Adorning the Colorful booth further are formal signing ceremony that seal the partnership between Chaintech/Colorful and Shunwang Technology for VR cooperation as well as a games union ceremony with Tencent and JingDong. These ceremonies show Colorful’s commitment to growth in the gaming market by partnering with the most credible partners in the market today. 

VR Coming Ceremony – Chaintech/Colorful and Shunwang Technology

June 1 – 1:30PM

Games Union - Chaintech/Colorful, Tencent and JingDong

June 2 – 1:30PM

Everyone is invited to come over and visit the Colorful booth and see what the company has in store for the future with its advanced technologies and new products for both consumers and industrial customers. Visit the Colorful booth from May 31 – June 4 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, 4F, Booth L0128. Activities and surprises will await visitors and participants during the event. 

About Colorful

Colorful Group (CFG), is a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, PSUs, chassis, tablets, Hi-fi players, power bank, Mini PC, industrial control computer and service with over 18 years of experience delivering quality products garnering a brilliant reputation amongst its customers. CFG is a internationally renowned brands garnering recognition and awards.  For more information, visit