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New PNY Quadro graphics cards provide outstanding performance


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PNY Technologies today announced its new Quadro M4000, M5000 and M6000 graphics cards have been awarded “outstanding performance” benchmarks in professional applications in the CAD/CAM and DCC fields (Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Digital Content Creation).

In the standardised benchmark SPECviewperf 12, the results are dominated by systems from the PNY workstation partners EXTRA Computer, Wortmann, Azken Muga and Intersystem: EXTRA Computer leads the list with its exone WORKSTATION 4304, which thanks to PNY Quadro M6000 graphics card and the PNY CL4111 480 GB SSD, is currently the fastest system in the world. The scores achieved – such as 160.60 in the CATIA setting, which contrasts with a score of 147.41 for the system that takes second place – demonstrate that the PNY workstation partners stand out clearly from their established competitors in the OEM sector, and with significantly higher configuration.

“The current benchmark values from SPECviewperf 12 show that PNY is one of the top providers of professional NVIDIA graphics solutions for the CAD sector,” says Stefan Hummel, Marketing Manager EMEA at PNY Deutschland. “We build on the results to be able to offer users an unbeatable symbiosis of hardware, software and service at reasonable prices.”

PNY Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of storage, upgrade and graphics solutions for private and professional use and is also the exclusive commercial partner for NVIDIA® Quadro cards.

About SPEC and SPECviewperf

SPEC (the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) is a non-profit association of more than 50 businesses in the hardware and software sectors. Members include companies such as IBM, AMD, Intel, DELL, NVIDIA, Microsoft, SUSE and Google. The aim is to draw up benchmark standards that enable systems from different manufacturers to be compared and provide reliable results for a wide range of applications.

The SPECviewperf benchmark is regarded as the worldwide standard for measuring and evaluating the performance of professional hardware and applications. This involves using standardized datasets and workloads for commonly used CAD and DCC programs such as CATIA, Creo, Maya and Siemens NX. Like 3DMark from Futuremark for the gaming market, SPECviewperf is the standard employed by professional users for simple and cross-platform evaluation of 3D graphics.

About EXTRA Computer

Founded in 1989 as a privately owned IT company, EXTRA Computer now has more than 150 staff and six branches in Germany and is a highly respected partner for the wholesale and specialized retail trade. As an innovative PC and server manufacturer with its own “exone” brand and a large portfolio of standard and system solutions, EXTRA Computer delivers just what micro enterprises, SMEs and large-scale projects need.

About exone WORKSTATION 4304

The exone® workstation comes with the latest technology and system components. It combines high-end performance, impressive graphics handling and outstanding reliability. The integrated NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics solution ensures maximum performance and productivity, while the Intel® Core™ i7 processor is also highly capable, making the system very well suited to complex tasks and applications such as 3D simulations and animations, video and CAD/CAM, graphic design and more besides.