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PNY pushes cooling to the max with the Pure Performance GeForce GTX 980


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Bordeaux - 15 January 2015 - PNY Technologies, a leading manufacturer and supplier of upgrade, graphics and storage solutions, unveils its newest graphics card, the Pure Performance GeForce GTX 980. This top-of-the-range card is equipped with a latest-generation Nvidia GPU and has been designed to immerse the most demanding gamers into a thrilling environment with unbeatable realism. 

Built around a Pure Performance ventilation system, this latest addition to the PNY range offers true dual slot space to accommodate the large majority of configurations, including small boxes. The PCB is reinforced by a high-quality metal XLR8 backplate, improving the overall cooling performance and adding extra sophistication to the design. Meanwhile, white LED lighting enhances the gaming experience and upscale contemporary look & feel of this flagship product. 

The Pure Performance GeForce GTX 980 pushes GPU cooling to the extreme with a full aluminum construction on a copper base, to ensure maximum heat dissipation. Five large premium-quality heat pipes and two 85mm fans complete the Pure Performance architecture, which delivers remarkably low noise levels (40dB(A) max at 3240rpm).

Overclocking enthusiasts won't be disappointed either as the GeForce GTX 980 Pure Performance is equipped with an 8-phase PWM to stabilise the voltage supply and improve overclocking.

High-performance, low-noise and a stunning design: the Pure Performance GeForce GTX 980 is available from PNY's usual network of distributors with a suggested retail price of £449.99.

About PNY Technologies:

Established in 1985, PNY Technologies®, Inc. celebrates over 25 years of business excellence as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Flash memory cards, USB Flash drives, solid state drives, High Speed HDMI® cables, computer memory upgrade modules, NVIDIA® GeForce® consumer graphics cards and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics cards. The company's Photography-Videography, Mobility, 3D Gaming-Visualisation and Business solutions are widely available from major retail, e-tail and wholesale outlets internationally. Headquartered in the USA, PNY maintains facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.