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PNY adds optional two-year warranty extension on all pro GPUs


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Bordeaux - 3 December 2014 - PNY Technologies, a leading manufacturer and supplier of graphics and storage solutions, announces the availability of an extended five-year warranty on its range of NVIDIA QUADRO, NVS, TESLA and GRID professional cards.

The warranty extension, which goes two years beyond the legal guarantee of conformity, adds an extra level of comfort for businesses using professional GPUs from PNY, the exclusive NVIDIA Quadro channel partner for the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

In addition, users who own a PNY product covered by an extended warranty qualify automatically for the Advanced Exchange/Replacement Program*. If their product becomes defective during the warranty period, an identical replacement will be provided in advance of the defective product being returned to PNY.    

The PNY warranty extension service must be purchased and activated online in the 90-day period following purchase, with proof of invoice requested. As a special launch offer, existing purchases from this calendar year are also eligible for the warranty extension until 31 December 2014.  

For full information on the terms and conditions of the extended warranty, please go to:

To discover more about professional graphics cards by PNY, please go to:

*Advanced Product Replacement is available in EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland.

About PNY Technologies:

Founded in 1985, PNY has manufactured quality computer components for over 25 years; the company represents a real success story of a company leading the American, European and Asian computing markets.

PNY has a long history of providing designers, engineers, researchers and visualization clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA® QUADRO® and TESLATM solutions. PNY understands the needs of its professional graphics clients, offering professional technical support and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction.

The NVIDIA QUADRO based graphics boards from PNY are the most powerful, feature-rich family of high performance boards available to the professional community. Certified for all major CAD/CAM and DCC applications they deliver unmatched power to maximize your productivity.

The NVIDIA TESLA based GPU Computing solutions from PNY are designed from the ground up for high performance computing (HPC). Fully certified servers from TYAN and ASUS are also proposed by PNY.

PNY also manufactures a full line of high-end memory modules and professional SSDs. Headquartered in New Jersey (USA), and Bordeaux (France) for the European headquarter, PNY maintains facilities in North America, EMEA and Asia.