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Palit releases the Extreme Overclocking GTX 780 Super JetStream


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Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, releases the Palit GeForce GTX 780 JetStream series, and the first time to bring "Super JetStream" version to the market. The Super JetStream GTX 780 is extremely OC version, it can tweak the GTX780 performance to the highest level which you haven't ever experienced.

Continued with the glory JetStream series-GTX 600 and the new GTX 770 JetStream, Palit is proud to announce the JetStream series on the GTX 780, featuring the Overclocking performance, extreme quiet and extremely cool. Not only JetStream, Palit offers another factory OC "Super JetStream", the best of the best performance at GTX 780.

The factory overclocked Palit GeForce GTX 780 Super JetStream is on core clock 980 MHz that is 13.6% higher than the standard speed and 3GB GDDR5 memory clock is set at 6200 MHz (+192 MHz higher). Equipped with the JetStream cooler and optimized product design, Palit GeForce GTX780 Super JetStream provides gaming benchmark up to19% compared with GTX 780 reference board. In addition, Palit GeForce GTX 780 Jetstream series uses copper based to efficiently dissipate the heat from GPU and make 20% cooler and equipped with DrMOS and 8-phase PWM to make current circuit more stable and efficient which maximum the overclocking potential. With new JetStream thermal design features, the noise level is 6dB quieter and the temperature is 10 cooler under the hard game loading. Stay Quiet, Stay Cool and Enjoy the Highest speed with Palit Super JetStream.

Palit GeForce GTX 780 Super JetStream is absolutely the first and the best choice for enthusiast gamers!

The new GeForce GTX 780 marks an evolution in gaming performance-an insanely fast, smooth, and whisper-quiet experience. It gives you truly game-changing performance that will transform the way you experience all your favorite titles-now and in the future.

Discover truly fame-changing innovation today. Experience pure performance and game on with Palit GeForce GTX 780 JetStream.



GTX 780 Super JetStream

GTX 780 JetStream




Base Clock

980 MHz

902 MHz

Boost Clock

1033 MHz

954 MHz

Memory Clock

3100 MHz (DDR 6200 MHz)

3004 MHz (DDR 6008 MHz)

Memory Amount

3072 MB

3072 MB

Memory Interface

384 bit

384 bit

Display ports

D-DVI(DVI-I/DVI-D) +HDMI+DisplayPort

D-DVI(DVI-I/DVI-D) +HDMI+DisplayPort

Memory Bandwidth

297.6 (GB/Sec)

288.4 (GB/Sec)

Power Connectors





















Palit GeForce GTX780 JetStream Series Features:

Triple Fan

A Triple Fan design offers triple the cooling performance, and combined with the 8CM-9CM-8CM Smart Fans, heat is effectively drawn away from hot spots.

LED Lighting

Fancy blue LED lighting on the Palit JetStream's thermal solution provides ambient lighting to further immerse gamers into the gaming world.

TurboFan Blade

Inspired by the power of jet engines, the TurboFan Blade is designed to improve cooling performance by generating a powerful air stream and air pressure.


DrMOS, originally only available for high-end server CPUs, is now available in all its glory in the next generation of Palit graphics cards. DrMOS offers high current circuits, low noise operation, and effective reduction of heat generation.

8-Phase PWM

Unique 8-Phase PWM design reduces max current load for each phase to stabilize the voltage level and improve overclocking ability. It also provides another 30% current capacity.

Copper Base

The new JetStream design adding ;large size copper base directly adhered with GPU and more heatpipes; that can efficiently dissipate the heat from GPU and make 20% cooler.

Simultaneous 3 X DVI monitor support

With its optimized video output, the Palit JetStream supports 3 DVI connections using a single graphics card.

*through HDMI-DVI dongle

Optimized Air Flow

The 8CM-9CM-8CM Smart Fan system consists of three fans with alternating blade rotations. Each adjacent fan rotates in a different direction to reduce airflow conflicts and effectively improve overall cooling performance.


Palit ThunderMaster is a overclocking utility program for the graphics card, and allows you to boost the performance and to monitor the GPU information. Activate MasterMode, it can optimize the best setting of the GTX780 JetStream series and provide extra 5% gaming performance.



Next generation streaming multiprocessor built from the ground up for incredible performance and power efficiency.

NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 Technology:  

Dynamically maximizes clock speeds based on workload and allows enthusiast class controls such as temperature target and fan.controls, extra over-voltage headroom and optimizations for water-cooling solutions. This allows greater customization and overclocking options and enables gamers to push performance to new levels.

Microsoft® DirectX® 11 Support:  

DirextX 11 GPU with Shader Model 5.0 support designed for ultra high performance in the new API's key graphics feature, GPU-accelerated tessellation.

NVIDIA 3-way SLI® Technology:

Industry leading NVIDIA SLI technology offers amazing performance scaling in games across up to three GPUs.

NVIDIA PhysX® Technology:

Full support for NVIDIA PhysX technology, enabling a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic experience with GeForce.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Ready

Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision, bringing a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience to the PC. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D. In addition, you can stream 3D movies and 3D digital photographs from 3D VisionLive.com in eye popping, crystal-clear quality.

NVIDIA FXAA Technology

Shader-based anti-aliasing technology available from the NVIDIA Control Panel that enables ultra-fast anti-aliasing in hundreds of PC games.

NVIDIA TXAA Technology

Support for new temporal anti-aliasing technique that delivers the ultimate combination of image quality and performance.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync

Dynamically enables vertical sync based on your current frame rates for the smoothest gaming experience.

PCI Express 3.0

Designed for the new PCI Express 3.0 bus architecture offering the highest data transfer speeds for the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications, while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing PCI Express motherboards for the broadest support.

About Palit

Established in 1988, Palit Microsystems Ltd. is well-known for manufacturing stable, excellent, and innovative electronics products. As one of the top PC components manufacturers, Palit continues to provide top-to-bottom graphics cards with stable and excellent quality to the world. With office in Taipei, logistic center in Hong Kong, factories in Mainland China, and branch office in Germany, Palit has developed a worldwide sales network and cooperated closely with our customers.