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EVGA launches the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition


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3 April 2013 - Get to the next level with the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition. This card delivers truly game-changing performance that taps into the powerful new GeForce architecture to redefine smooth, seamless, lifelike gaming. It offers brand new, never before seen features that will redefine the way you think about performance graphics cards. Expect more from your graphics card than just state-of-the-art features and technology; get faster, smoother and a richer gaming experience with the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition.

The EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition graphics card provides many new and key features:

  1. NVIDIA GPU Boost Technology - Dynamically maximises clock speeds to push performance to new levels and bring out the best in every game.
  2. Support for four concurrent displays; two dual-link DVI connectors, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.1
  3. NVIDIA SMX Engine - Brand new processing engine which delivers twice the performance/watt compared to previous generations.
  4. NVIDIA CUDA Technology - Unlocks the power of the GPU's processor cores to accelerate the most demanding tasks such as video transcoding, physics simulation, ray tracing and more.
  5. OpenGL 3.2 (4.3 in Windows) Support - Support for the most widely-used open graphics standard in the world.
  6. OpenCL Support - Supports the latest standards in GPGPU computing.
  7. Boot Camp Support - Full support for Microsoft Windows operating system in Apple Boot Camp.

Learn more about the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition at our global website here.   

And look out for information on the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition coming to our European website later this week: http://eu.evga.com/.

The EVGA Difference

Known for offering value and performance, as well as exemplary customer service, EVGA is recognised through customer loyalty and the highest levels in customer satisfaction. In addition to the expanded product lines, consumers and channel partners will also benefit from increased sales and technical support programmes:

  1. Global Warranty - No registration required, 3 Year Standard warranty with upgraded warranties available. Find out about our latest updates this month that will better serve our community (introduced in response to your feedback) at: http://eu.evga.com/articles/00735/
  2. EVGA proprietary Advanced RMA (EAR) service - to enable customers to receive a replacement card before sending the defective product back to EVGA.
  3. 24/7 Phone Technical Support - to assure users that courteous and friendly assistance will always be available at anytime of the day or night (available 24/7 on US phone support number. Available 09:00 - 18:00 on European phone support number).
  4. Step-Up Programme - for the ability to trade up existing EVGA products for newer technology.
  5. Community Message Boards - full of thousands of knowledgeable, friendly and satisfied EVGA customers.
  6. EVGA MODS RIGS - show off your rig, win cash prizes.
  7. EVGA Gaming - EVGA game servers are open 24/7 and feature the latest games.

Don't miss out on EVGA's regular gaming events (and prizes), sweepstakes (and more prizes!), promotions, and deals at: http://eu.evga.com/ and Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/TEAMEVGA.

About EVGA

EVGA is the #1 NVIDIA authorised partner in channel sales throughout North America. Based on the philosophy of intelligent innovation, market knowledge, and the real time operation, EVGA continues to identify the need in the market place and providing the solution to that need. By offering product differentiation, 24/7 tech support, a 90 day Step-Up programme, and other customer focused programs, EVGA is a clear leader in all categories: etail, retail, distribution, and system integration. With headquarters in Brea, CA, EVGA's global coverage includes EVGA GmbH in Munich, EVGA LATAM in Miami, and EVGA Hong Kong. For further information online about EVGA, visit http://eu.evga.com/.