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SPARKLE Calibre X660 Dual Fan Graphics Card Has Announced Today


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A fusion of Power and Performance

Taiwan, Taipei - 2012/11/23, Calibre Series brings introduces an exciting new product to life today: the Calibre X660 Dual Fan Solution. The latest X660 Dual Fan Solution clocks at 1059MHz core frequency with boost up to 1124MHz and 6008MHz memory speed, delivering class-leading performance achieving an 8% performance increase at default overclocked setting.

Extreme Custom Cooling Delivering Class leading Performance

The Calibre X660 Dual Fan is equipped with the ultimate dual silent PWM cooling fan, by utilizing 3 units 6ø ultra cool heat pipes, the heat is easily dissipated from the surface of the cooling fin, fully covering the key components onboard. The dual Fan provides up to a 15°C lower temperature than the reference board.

Built with only the Best Components

The latest graphics solution utilizes the best components a graphic card can have, such as a tantalum cap, alloy choke and uses the SO8 Powerpack, allowing a stable gaming performance event at overclocked setting. 

The Calibre X660 Dual Fan retains the NVIDIA Kepler-powered family features, with the best in class gaming performance and power efficiency, with an advanced cooling design, offering the best gaming weapon at an affordable price for all gamers.

About Calibre

Calibre - is the essence of Professional Graphic Card Excellence, founded in 2005. Calibre is for the consumer who demands above reference performance. Offering completely redesigned boards based on Nvidia's award winning GPU architecture. Calibre products offer class leading performance, with factory overclocked settings and custom cooling. With a three year warranty, stunning aesthetics and built using the best components available - Calibre the best choice for gamers. The symbol of Calibre is the Unicorn which is strong and powerful with supernatural abilities, grace and mythical powers.

Model Name
Graphics Processing Unit GeForce GTX 660
CUDA Core 960 CUDA cores
Graphics Clock 1059MHz
Boost Clock 1124MHz
Memory Clock 6008MHz
Memory Type 2048MB GDDR5
Memory Interface 192-bit
Bus Type PCI-Express 3.0