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SPARKLE GeForce GTX 680 Inferno Unveiled


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World's Fastest Single-GPU graphics card!

14 May 2012 -Sparkle, one of the leading manufacturers of graphics cards, revealed today its brand new GTX 680 Inferno, using NVIDIA's 28 nm Kepler GPU architecture and GPU Boost technology, which dynamically adjusts GPU speeds to maximize gaming performance up to 2 times higer than GTX 580. SPARKLE GTX 680 Inferno brings you a most fantastic gaming experience to satisfy all hardcore PC gamers' requirements.

Kepler architecture makes a giant leap in efficient-performance

Featuring 1536 CUDA cores, 1006 MHz GPU clock and 2GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory,SPARKLE'sflagship 28nm GTX 680 Inferno graphics card greatly improves system power consumption and supports the latest PCI Express Gen 3 standards. The card requires two 6-pin power connectors, as the card has a TDP of only 195W. SPARKLE GTX 680 Inferno is not only faster but also operates at a much lower temperature and consumes lesser power than its rivals.

The Fastest single-card gaming on Earth

The new SMX streaming multiprocessor delivers twice the performance/watt compared to previous generations. NVIDIA GPU Boost is a technique which dynamically boosts clock speeds based on the workload of the every game and the headroom available. The SPARKLE GTX 680 Inferno has a 1,006MHz base clock and a 1,058MHz boost clock and can shift based on the dependence of the load and power consumption.

The Smoothest gameplay experience on Earth

The SPARKLE GTX 680 Inferno supports FXAA and TXAA anti-aliasing techniques. FXAA anti-aliasing technique can be up to 60% faster than 4xMSAA.TXAA is a new style anti aliasing technique that makes the most of the graphics card high texture performance for better image quality. In addition, Adaptive VSynctechnology provides the perfect solution for gamers without sudden stuttering and no tearing on the screen.

The Riches test visual experience on Earth

The SPARKLE GTX 680 Inferno is able to run quad-display support and comes with 2 Dual-Link DVI outputs, 1 HDMI 1.4 port, and 1 Display port connector. With NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology, you can expand your PC games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D for breathtaking panoramic gaming , plus the new card can support a fourth accessory display to get access to your email, web, cheat sheets , or other applications while you game.


Model NAME

Sparkle GTX 680


GeForce GTX 680

Core Clock

1006 MHz

Memory Type


Memory Interface


CUDA Cores


Bus Type

PCI-Express 3.0


HDMI x1、Dual Link DVI-I x2 、DisplayPort 1.2 x1

About Sparkle Computer

Sparkle Computer was established in 1982 and has been a market leader in the graphics card industry for nearly 20 years. From its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, Sparkle develops, markets and manufactures graphic cards and other related accessories using technological advancements and innovation. Sparkle is acknowledged as a global leader thanks to our complete brand strategy, strong ambition and world-class competitive edge. Sparkle markets products worldwide in over 80 countries and 5 continents. With highly flexible mobility throughout the world we are able to provide services across the globe. Although the headquarters of Sparkle is located in Taiwan, we have strong sales and marketing centres based in other key territories fostering international cooperation, bringing us closer to the global market.

Sparkle official website: www.sparkle.com.tw.