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Play Your Library of PC Games on a Mac with GeForce NOW


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Today, we are announcing that the GeForce NOW for Mac beta is now available in Europe. 

For years, there have been two issues trying to play games on a Mac: the systems aren’t powerful enough, and when they are, most top PC games aren’t available.

GeForce NOW solves both, turning your Mac into a virtual GeForce gaming PC. Games are rendered on Pascal-class GPUs in the cloud, so you get the performance of a GeForce GTX 1080. Since the heavy lifting is done in the cloud, you never have to wait for long downloads, updates or patches. Your virtual PC is always maintained, so you can start your gaming sessions in seconds.

The service has support for the hottest games from the biggest digital stores, with more being added regularly – many the same day they’re available on PC and consoles. Today’s most popular PC games, like PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND, are playable at max settings with smooth framerates. 

There are over 100 supported games, meaning you’ll be playing on the latest updates with optimal playable settings. Not to mention, games that support cloud saves offer the ability to start playing on GeForce NOW, and continue playing where you left off on your local gaming rig. For a list of supported games, click here

In addition to more games and digital stores, the GeForce NOW service receives regular updates. These include improving streaming quality, adding new data centers and lowering latency. 

To join the free GeForce NOW beta, Mac owners simply register, download and install the GeForce NOW app and select their favorite Steam or games that they already own. The install happens in seconds on your dedicated virtual GeForce NOW GeForce GTX 1080 PC. In most cases, you’ll be enjoying the latest PC games with high-quality visuals in under a minute – on your Mac!

And most Macs dating back to 2009, with macOS 10.10, meet the system requirements. A broadband connection of at least 25 Mbps is also required, with 50 Mbps recommended. 

Visit the GeForce NOW website to see if your Mac is tested and verified.

Don’t own a Mac? GeForce NOW has also been announced for PC. To learn more, or join the waitlist, visit

Registration site: