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NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle


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Today we are relaunching our GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle. When gamers purchase a select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or GeForce GTX 1080-based Graphics Card, system, or Laptop they will receive Destiny 2 at PC Launch. The bundle runs from today until November 29, 2017.

New 4K Video Shows Destiny 2 PC Action

Gamers can check out the PC version of Destiny 2 in a new 4K video that NVIDIA released today.

Are You Game Ready for Destiny 2?

The GeForce GTX Destiny 2 Bundle is designed to get GeForce gamers game ready for the Destiny 2 launch, and gamers can check their readiness in the Destiny 2 Graphics & Performance Guide on

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