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Don’t be Fooled, The Limited Edition GeForce GTX USB Drive is For Real!


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This year NVIDIA made a lot of noise with our ‘GeForce GTX G-Assist ‘April Fool’s joke, with a video that got nearly 2.25 million views on YouTube:

The comments section of the video was loaded with call outs for NVIDIA to make a USB thumb drive for gamers. In fact, the most upvoted/favorited comments demanded a GeForce GTX USB drive that matched the look & feel of their favorite graphics card.

We heard the cries and we have delivered.

NVIDIA has created a limited edition GeForce GTX replica thumb drive and we will be giving them away to press and influencers that are booked for meetings in our at E3 booth this year. 

Gamers will have a shot at getting these coveted pieces of GPU pop culture. 1080 will be given to registered GeForce Experience members worldwide who are opted in to communications from NVIDIA.

Gamers have another way to win GeForce GTX hardware with NVIDIA’s ‘E3 is Game Ready’ contest, which includes a treasure trove of over $100,000 in prizes. Gamers talking about the games at E3 they’re excited to play on PC, using the ‘#GameReady’ and ‘#E3’ hashtags, could be selected to receive something from the prize pool.  Subscribers to the GeForce YouTube channel can leave a #GameReady comment on any E3 2017 video for a chance to win. The prize pool includes:

  • 100 winners
    • Limited Edition GeForce GTX USB Drive
    • Game Codes
    • Astro A40 or A50 headsets
  • 50 winners:
    • GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
    • Oculus Rift + Touch VR set-ups
    • Acer G-SYNC Displays
    • Dell G-SYNC Displays
  • 1 Grand Prize:

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