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AMD Supercharges Value for Gamers


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As the holidays approach, AMD today launched two exciting new game bundles for Radeon and Ryzen fans. Beginning today through December 31, 2019, gamers will receive complimentary copies of some of the year’s most anticipated titles when they purchase select AMD Radeon graphics cards and Ryzen processors, thanks to the new AMD Radeon Raise the Game and Ryzen Equipped to Win bundles. 

Promotional details include:  

  • Raise the Game with Radeon RX Graphics: Gamers who want high-performance, visually stunning gaming experience will get a PC copy of eitherBorderlands 3 or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint with the purchase of a Radeon RX 5700 series, RX 590, RX 580 or RX 570 graphics card, and select Radeon-powered PC desktops and laptops.
  • Equipped to Win with AMD Ryzen Processors: Gamers looking to step up their gameplay and productivity with industry-leading AMD Ryzen processors can also get PC copies of Borderlands 3 and The Outer Worlds with the purchase of qualifying AMD Ryzen processors: With purchase ofRyzen 9 3000 Series or Ryzen 7 3800X processor, gamers get both Borderlands 3 and The Outer Worlds. With purchase of Ryzen 7 3700XRyzen 5 3600XRyzen 7 2700X or Ryzen 7 2700 processor, gamers can choose one of the two titles.
  • Better Together: Gamers who embrace the ultimate gaming platform with Radeon graphics and Ryzen processors receive even more value from these exciting bundles: Pair a Ryzen 9 3000 Series or Ryzen 7 3800X processor with a Radeon RX 5700 Series, RX 590, RX 580 or RX 570 graphics card to receive Borderlands 3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Outer Worlds. Pair a Ryzen 7 3700X, Ryzen 5 3600X, Ryzen 7 2700X or 2700 processor with the above Radeon GPUs and get your choice of two game titles from Borderlands 3, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and The Outer Worlds.
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC: To sweeten the deal, gamers purchasing a qualifying component Radeon graphics card or Ryzen processor will get three-months of Xbox Game Pass for PC with access to over 100 high-quality PC game titles.   

Gamers will gain access to these titles as they become publicly available, with millions of guns and mountains of loot already available in Borderlands 3Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint launching on October 4, and The Outer Worlds launching on October 25. 

The promotion is available worldwide, except in China, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Iran. You can find more information at the Radeon Raise the Game and Ryzen Equipped to Win webpages. 

Additionally, we’re pleased to share that later today, AMD plans to roll out Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) support for Radeon VII, RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56 and Vega Frontier Edition graphics cards with the Radeon Adrenalin Software 19.9.3 driver, bringing AMD’s popular image sharpening technology to scores of additional Radeon gamers.

RIS delivers new levels of crispness and clarity to in-game visuals that have been softened by upscaling and post-process effects. When paired with Radeon GPU upscaling, RIS enables sharp visuals and fluid frame rates for DX12 and Vulkan titles on very high-resolution displays – with virtually no impact on gaming performance.  

Support for AMD Vega GPUs follows the recent announcement of support for RIS on Radeon RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580, and RX 590 graphics cards (in addition to support for Radeon RX 5700 Series graphics). As RIS is enabled in Radeon Software, game developers do not need to implement support for RIS into the games themselves. Rather, gamers need only flip a switch and enjoy. AMD continues to enable industry-leading technologies across its hardware stack, providing enriched gaming experiences to all gamers across all price-points.