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New AMD Semi-Custom SOC Combines Ryzen and Vega


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Today at ChinaJoy, AMD took its gaming leadership one step further, bringing Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics to even more gamers with the announcement of its work with Zhongshan Subor to create a new semi-custom SOC for their upcoming gaming PC and console for the China market. 

The PC and console are powered by a high-performance, semi-custom “Zen” and “Vega”-based AMD SOC, combining an AMD Ryzen CPU (4 core/8 thread running at 3Ghz) with AMD Radeon Vega Graphics (24CUs running at 1.3Ghzs) and 8GB of GDDR5 memory onto a single chip.

From Radeon FreeSync technology, the industry’s broadest adopted technology for tear-free, smooth and open gameplay to the feature-packed Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition software, AMD technologies continue to fuel the most immersive experiences imaginable, both for recreational gamers and the world’s most competitive eSports teams like Fnatic.  

The new SOC is also a great example of AMD’s semi-custom strategy to take differentiated IP and tailor to meet the specific needs of a customer, ultimately creating a product only AMD can deliver. 

For additional information on AMD’s semi-custom SOC and the upcoming gaming PC and console, click here.